Andrew Tate pleads with UK to return from Romania as mum suffers heart attack | UK News

Andrew Tate and his brother have requested an emergency visit to the UK to visit their mother – who has suffered a heart attack.

A spokesman for the brothers said she “suffered a sudden heart attack this afternoon and was immediately taken to hospital”.

“It is our understanding that she will undergo emergency surgery. Her discharge from hospital is contingent on the success of this critical procedure,” a statement added.

The brothers are barred from leaving Romania because of a case of alleged human trafficking, rape and organized crime – claims they deny.

Andrew Tate posted X Thursday afternoon: “My mum has had a heart attack and is in hospital. I’m going to court tomorrow to request an urgent visit to London.”

Their spokesman called it a “critical and devastating situation” and said it was hoped the court would quickly grant them temporary leave from Romania.

Restrictions on the controversial influencer and his brother Tristan were relieved in Septemberwhich allows them to travel anywhere in Romania.

Previously, they could not travel outside the Bucharest area without a permit.

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September: ‘It’s a witch hunt’ – Tate

The brothers were initially arrested in December 2022 and held in prison until March, when they were placed under house arrest.

Accusations against them and two female co-defendants followed suit in June.

They are accused of luring seven women into sexual exploitation on promises of a relationship or marriage – a technique known as the “loverboy method”.

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It is alleged that the brothers and the two Romanian female suspects formed a group in 2021 to commit human trafficking.

Andrew Tate has also been accused of raping one of the alleged victims.

He has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors have no evidence and that the case is a political conspiracy designed to silence him.

Tare has recently been trying to get back millions of euros worth of valuables confiscated by the authorities, including a number of luxury cars and watches.

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