Harsh Goenka shares thought-provoking video on how phones affect relationships

''Step Away'': Barske Goenka shares thought-provoking video on how phones affect relationships

Mr. Goenka shared the video of inspirational speaker Simon Sinek

Industrialist Harsh Goenka often shares motivational and interesting posts to keep his social media fans entertained. On Friday, the tech-savvy businessman shared a thought-provoking video about an issue significantly relevant to our lives. The video talks about smartphone addiction and how it affects our relationships. While phones keep us connected and help maintain relationships, in some ways they also drive a wedge between us.

Mr. Goenka shared the video of inspirational speaker Simon Sinek in which he explains how even holding a phone in our hands while talking to someone else gives them the impression that they are not top priority. ”Imagine I’m here talking to you and holding my phone. It doesn’t buzz, it doesn’t beep, and nobody calls me, I just hold it. Do you feel that you are the most important thing to me right now? No, you do not. It’s the association,” Mr. Sinek said in the video.

“Pull away from the screen, embrace the world and rediscover the joy of living in the moment…” read the caption of the video shared by Mr. Goenka.

Watch the video here:

In the video, Mr. Sinek to place the phone on the table during meetings or family dinners and instead put it on airplane mode to remove the temptation of incoming notifications.

”And that’s how we have to interact with people and give them our full attention. Because the idea is not that we hear the words they say, but that they feel heard. If you wake up in the morning and check your phone before saying good morning to the person sitting next to you, you probably have a problem. If you have to take your room to room wherever you go, you have a problem. And like any recreational drug, the more you practice leaving it.”

He also recommended leaving unnecessary phones at home while going out to a family dinner or client meeting, or keeping them out of sight, in the car or in a bag. He ended the video by saying: ”Like any addiction, it just takes a little work.”

Several netizens appreciated the crucial reminder, while others spoke of the difficulty of following the advice in an age where everything depends on phones.

One user wrote: ”Living in the moment is a great art.” Based on the situation, this can be implemented. Better put it on vibrate/silent mode, you can accept/decline that call.”

A third said: ”Nowadays it is very difficult to go out without a phone as we depend so much on UPI payments.”A fourth added: ”Phone addiction is not just another drug, it is worse on due to the fact that the power of numbers lies behind phone addiction.”

Yet another said, ”The saddest part is that we’re all watching this on our phones.”

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