Microsoft is reportedly exploring free access to Xbox Game Pass in exchange for viewing ads

Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer free game streaming in exchange for advertisements. As per TweakTownXbox Gaming CFO Tim Stuart suggested during the recent Wells Fargo TMT Summit that to expand geographically, it would be ideal to leverage the company’s xCloud service, which allows gamers to stream games in the cloud on any ‘endpoint’ via a simple Game Pass Ultimate subscription. He further added, “For models like Africa or India, Southeast Asia, maybe places that aren’t console-first, you can say, ‘Hey, do you want to watch 30 seconds of an ad and then get two hours of game streaming?'”

If true, this would be an incredible deal for mobile gamers as they simply need a good internet connection to experience the full catalog of games Xbox Game Pass offers. The idea is for Microsoft to get its game subscription service to as many screens as possible; offering it for free in exchange for ad serving seems like a promising route. I can’t speak for other countries, but the average Indian mobile gamer doesn’t make premium game purchases – partly due to poor regional pricing – and would much rather opt for piracy. The company previously asked Xbox Insiders to give more Game Pass time in exchange for advertising, code snippets of which were revealed by researcher Title_OS. There was also one reported investigation asking how users would feel about a cheap ad-supported Game Pass subscription with restrictions such as a six-month delay on new games.

“So we can go in with our own business models and say — there are millions of players we would never have been able to address, and now we can go in with our business models,” added Stuart (via VGC). During the same presentation, he also floated the idea of ​​bringing Xbox Game Pass to rival platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendoa claim that was soon shut down by the CEO Phil Spencer.

Reports from earlier this month also suggested that Xbox planned to launch a mobile storefront via a dedicated application that would bypass Apple App Store and Google Play Store’s security layer so Xbox wouldn’t have to pay a cut for every purchase made. There’s currently no release window for the app, but the company is in talks with undisclosed partners — wouldn’t be surprised to see Candy Crush Saga developer King involved after its acquisition in October.

New additions to this month’s Game Pass catalog includes Far cry 6both Rest game, Rise of the Tomb Raiderand more – as part of Xboxes holiday offer for the community. Meanwhile, Microsoft is merge each other with Inworld to advance AI game development, allowing future studios to turn prompts into full-fledged dialogue and questlines.

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