Why did Virat Kohil and Rohit Sharma play against Holland? India’s captain explains

Enjoying each other’s company in a lively dressing room atmosphere has been possible because of good results and the reverse is also true, said skipper Rohit Sharma after another clinical performance that took the Indian team’s tally to nine on the bounce. India ended their World Cup league phase by beating Holland by 160 runs here on Sunday and skipper Rohit described their campaign so far as a clinical one.

“We enjoy each other’s company. We wanted to play with enjoyment on the field. We try to keep the atmosphere outside lively. Results matter to keep the dressing room lively. We are playing in India, there will be expectation. We wanted It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s very important for everyone to buy into it,” said the skipper after the match.

Rohit’s men topped the league with 18 points and will face fourth-placed New Zealand on November 15 in Mumbai in the first semi-final.

“Very happy with how we’ve played in these nine games. Very clinical from game one to today,” he added.

The best aspect of India’s campaign has been an overall team performance, with all eleven players contributing at one point or another.

“Different individuals have stepped up and put their hand up and done the work. Everyone wanted to take responsibility.

“We started the tournament four matches in a row chasing and then we had to bat first and the pacers did the job along with the spinners.” Rohit said his team never looked too far and took it one game at a time.

“Since we started the tournament, it was one game at a time. We never wanted to look too far ahead. It’s a long tournament, 11 games in total if we go all the way,” he said.

“It was important to break it down and focus on it. We focused on one game. We play in different venues and play after that and that’s what we did. Playing in different venues, it was a challenge. We adapted very good.”

Asked about the camaraderie shown among the host players on the field, he said Rohit used himself, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav and Shubman Gill as bowlers against the Dutch. He and Kohli even took a wicket each.

Asked if it was done according to a plan, Rohit said: “It is something that is always in our mind. We want to create these opportunities in the team, today we had nine opportunities.

“This was the game we could have tried certain things. The seamers bowled the wide yorkers which were not needed but they did.”

Shreyas Iyer was determined not to throw the wicket away

Player of the match Shreyas Iyer, who hit 128 not out off 94 balls, said he was determined not to throw his wicket away this time.

“I had a kind of deja vu. This had also happened against Australia and I threw my wicket and I came but this time I didn’t want to get out. I wanted to take advantage of the start.

“Wanted to get pills I took to get the cramps going. Today it arrived and I’m very happy. The scores I got the last few days helped me.” He said the wicket was playing tacky, a bit two-speed.

On the six straights he had hit during his magnificent innings, Iyer said, “I worked a lot of those shots, especially in the nets. I tried to hit straights and keep my head down.

“Get in a good position and then it’s a follow-through of the bat that ends up behind my shoulder.”

India showed sheer class in batting: Edwards

Holland captain Scott Edwards admitted that the Indians “showed sheer class with the bat”.

“They (India) soaked up the pressure. When you’re three down with ten overs to go, you’re going to score some runs. We’re a very young team. Lots of young sides in the set-up.

“They are as good a side going around. We will have to be a lot better for the T20 World Cup next year. Playing to learn with that.” Asked about the team’s future after the World Cup, he said: “It’s a bit of a difficult one at the moment where we want to be.

“We’re pretty confident about the style we play. The tournament was always going to be tough. We’ve got some training camps coming up. As for matches, I’m not sure.”

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