Watermelon for himself, flowers for wife

Lotto winner's first purchase: Watermelon for himself, flowers for wife

77-year-old Waldemar “Bud” T is an avid outdoorsman.

In the state of Colorado, USA, a gentleman was lucky to win a lottery prize of more than 5 million dollars. What makes his story unique is that after receiving the huge sum, his first purchases included a watermelon and a bouquet of flowers for his wife. According to an official statement released Wednesday by the Colorado Lottery, Waldemar “Bud” T, a 77-year-old Montrose resident, emerged as the lucky winner of the whopping $5,067,041 Colorado Lotto+ jackpot.

That news release mentioned that Mr. Bud, who is retired, was on a backpacking trip in the Holy Cross Wilderness with his golden retriever, Augie, when his winning number was picked for the drawing on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. When he returned from his trip, he checked his ticket on the website and thought, “It must be a mistake!”

Even at the age of 77, Mr. Bid an avid outdoorsman taking advantage of the places Coloradans love to gamble and the Colorado Lottery funds. Mr. Bud loves cycling, hiking, climbing and playing tennis. Bud and his wife split their time, living six months in Arizona and six months in Colorado each year.

“Colorado is the most beautiful place in the world,” he says. Mr. Bud plays Colorado Lotto+ every month he’s in the state and “always” plays his own lucky numbers, using a secret formula to pick them.

Mr. Bud purchased his winning ticket at the Hangin Tree Travel Plaza in Montrose and chose the $2,533,520 cash option. His first step was to buy himself a watermelon and his wife flowers.

Mr. Bud and his wife live a modest life, but with some upcoming surgeries for her, he is relieved and grateful that he can now offer valuable help around the house during her recovery.

In addition, he plans to allocate a portion of his newfound wealth to charity.

“I want to give to some charities and really think about what it is I should do with this,” he said.

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