Wait what? YouTuber drinks 100 raw eggs to celebrate 100,000 followers, leaves internet in disgust

Without a doubt, the humble egg stands as a powerhouse of nutrition, especially revered by the dedicated fitness enthusiasts. They often talk about the importance of adding raw eggs to our daily diet, especially those who exercise regularly. But the question remains: how many eggs are sufficient for a daily intake for any fitness enthusiast? In a bizarre incident, YouTuber and fitness enthusiast Vince Iannone shared a video of himself falling 100 raw eggs to celebrate 100,000 subscribers. The now-viral video begins with Vince standing in a gym explaining what he does and why he does it. We can see a jug filled with raw eggs. Next, he starts drinking it all at once. After slurping half the jug, he pauses a little, but starts to swallow it all back again. It seems that when Vince went halfway down the remaining part, he was feeling a bit uneasy. He can be seen holding the jug on the floor and performing a few push-ups to digest the amount he drank. Then he returns to it again. Yes, in the end he ends it all. He shared the video, “100 raw eggs just for biceps.”
So far, the video has more than 2 million views. Watch the full video here:
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Unfortunately, the YouTuber failed to impress the internet. Several users in the comment section claimed that after completing the task, he immediately went to the toilet. One comment read: “Right on the toilet”.
One commentator expressed concern for his well-being, noting, “Bro is risking his life.”
Some expressed their doubts regarding the authenticity of the video. One user noted: “He must have puked right after the video.”
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Others argued the action was stupid, with one user saying: “The stupid things people will do to gain influence. The body can only process between 20-40 grams of protein at a time.”
Channeling the inner testimony, one user commented, “I’m sorry for the toilet.”

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