Virat Kohli Reacts To Viral GenZ Phrase “Delulu Is The Only Solulu”

Watch: Virat Kohli reacts to viral GenZ phrase 'Delulu Is The Only Solulu'

The video has collected more than 178 views and over 1,800 likes.

For the past few months, the phrase “Delulu is the only solulu” has been doing the rounds on social media platforms. It’s a GenZ slang term used as an abbreviation. While “delulu” is short for “delusion”, “solulu” simply means solution. Now, when India star player Viral Kohli came to know about this latest internet trend, he was left confused and expressed surprise at the existence of such words. He reacted to the phrase while in an interview with comedian Sumukhi Suresh.

An X user shared the video of Virat Kohli’s reaction when he was asked his opinion on the phrase “My delulu is the only solulu”. In the clip, Sumukhi Suresh says “Delulu”. To this, Kohli laughs loudly and says, “Nahi yaar (No)”. Instantly, Suresh then proceeds to say the entire sentence and after laughing for a moment, Kohli simply says, “Aise kaun baat karta hai (Who is talking like this)”.

“lmaooo virat kohli can’t believe the word delulu exists,” the video was captioned.

Watch the video below:

in the clip, Virat Kohli even guesses the meaning of the phrase. “My delusion is the only solution,” he says. The star cricketer then even repeats the phrase while staring at Suresh in disbelief.

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The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) a few days ago and has since accumulated more than 178 views and over 1,800 likes. In the comments section, several users revealed that they had the same reaction as Kohli when they heard the phrase for the first time.

“This is me. It’s me! I had the exact same reaction,” one user wrote. “His reaction to the delulu solulu thing was epic – it’s not in this video and he went on to say thank god I was born in 88,” said another.

“It shouldn’t exist. It’s not a word,” commented a third user. “his disbelief when she confirmed that delusion is the only solution soooo sweeteeee,” added another.

Meanwhile, the “delulu is the solulu” trend emerged on TikTok. It was first coined by K-pop fan communities in 2014. Being “delulu” means staying positive even when things seem tough. So the viral phrase “delulu is solulu” is about finding solutions by maintaining an optimistic and imaginative mindset.

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