Viral video shows how big Kevin McCallister’s Home Alone shopping list will be in 2023

Over the years, the cost of living has taken a huge leap. Groceries and essentials are noticeably more expensive now compared to the more affordable 90s. Recently, the iconic 1990 film ‘Home Alone’ caught our attention through a viral video. In one scene, young Kevin McCallister embarks on a solo supermarket trip with $20 (Rs 1,668) for essentials. The comparison of this fictitious grocery bill with the current MRP paints a picture of a significant rise in prices, showing the economic shifts over the years. In the shopping scene, 8-year-old Kevin finds himself navigating the aisles of a grocery store all alone, left behind by his family during their vacation to Paris. His shopping list included everyday items such as a TV dinner, a wonder loaf, frozen mac and cheese, plastic wrap, a half gallon (2L) of milk, Tide detergent, toilet paper, a half gallon (2L) of orange juice, a pack of army men and dryer sheets, which in total amounted to $19.83 (Rs 1,654) in the year 1990. Watch the video here:
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But the person who posted the video went through every product Kevin bought and listed the price of every grocery item today in a regular supermarket. “So, I broke it down: $4.50 for the orange juice, $4.50 for the plastic wrap. For the TV dinner, we couldn’t find the exact one, so we estimated $5 because it had food inside. $13.00 for Tide, $3.00 for the wonder bread, $3.50 for the frozen macaroni, $4.60 for the milk. For the dryer sheets, it’s $8.79, $8.00 for the toilet paper, and only $9.00 for the toy soldiers,” he explained in the video.
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When he compared these costs to 2023, the calculations revealed a whopping 248% increase in the price of the same items. So, if we were to buy the exact items in 2023, the total cost would be $68 (Rs 5,669.04), including VAT. What an eye opener, right? People can’t believe the comparison. One user said: “The price he pays was cheap even back then.” Another just added, “Yikes.” “Now run blank checks,” read one comment.

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