Viral Photo Claims To Show Helicopter On Bengaluru Road, Internet Stunned

Viral Photo Claims To Show Helicopter On Bengaluru Road, Internet Stunned

The viral image claims to show helicopter parked on a road in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is known for its notorious traffic jams, with a Dutch company ranking it as the second most congested city in the world in 2022. Commuters in Bengaluru keep posting pictures of serpentine queues of vehicles or the incredibly long wait to reach the airport . These moments are often tagged as ‘Peak Bengaluru’ to identify things that can only happen in the IT hub. And now a photo claims to show a helicopter parked in the middle of the road in Bengaluru.

The chopper brought traffic to a standstill, as seen in the now-viral post on X (formerly Twitter), with only a narrow stretch of road open to commuters.

“Bengaluru traffic causes,” says the accompanying post on X.

However, NDTV cannot verify the situation involving the helicopter, which some users claim belongs to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The company has not issued any statement on this either.

But social media users wrote funny comments on the picture.

“Told my boss today that a bird crossed the road so I was late today,” said one user. “I won’t mind the traffic if this beast is in front of me,” wrote another.

A few days ago, another photo from Bengaluru went viral on social media. It showed a fabulous hack of an autorickshaw driver to gain followers on Instagram.

Sharing the photo on X, a user named Udayan wrote that the driver asked him to mention his Instagram page if they decided to share a story. Moved by this meeting, Udayan shared the meeting on X and dubbed it “Peak Bengaluru Moment”.

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