Video of long queue at Thane Station sparks debate on ‘Spirit Of Mumbai’

Video of long queue at Thane Station sparks debate on 'Spirit Of Mumbai'

This video has started a debate in the comments section.

Mumbai, often referred to as the “City of Dreams” in India, is known for its dynamic energy. Despite its congestion, the city welcomes people from different backgrounds. Its vibrant culture celebrates its unwavering resilience, even in the most challenging situations.

However, concerns sometimes arise due to overcrowding of public spaces, which can make everyday life in Mumbai quite difficult. The high population density often means that people struggle to access necessities.

A recent video circulating on social media platform Reddit depicted a scenario like this where a massive queue of people was patiently waiting at the Thane station.

Watch the video here:

DAY 1: Thane station (Sprite of Mumbai is contagious)
byu/HideousHatter inthane

This video, which highlights the hardships people face, has sparked outrage among social media users who claim that it is wrong to label these daily struggles as the “spirit of Mumbai”.

In the comment section of this viral video, social media users left a number of comments, finding it unfortunate and disturbing that people have to endure long queues for essential commuter services in a big city like Mumbai, where such facilities should ideally be readily available.

“I was supposed to be one of the onlookers waiting for shared autos, but seeing this huge queue, it would easily take another hour to get the rickshaw. To avoid this, I basically walked from Thane station to Vartak Nagar , because this was so frustrating,” one user commented.

Differing from the critical remarks of others, another user wrote a comment that stood out.

“But queuing like civilized citizens is definitely a spirit. I don’t think any other Indian city has this. Inefficiency is another issue,” the user wrote.

However, this video has started a debate that includes all relevant topics that could contribute to such long queues, from cycle taxis to the influence of the autorickshaw mafia.

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