Video captured by pilot shows incredible red and green northern lights in the night sky

Video captured by pilot shows incredible red and green northern lights in the night sky

The clip captures an extraordinary moment.

A pilot observed the mesmerizing northern lights, also known as the ‘Aurora Borealis’, from the cockpit and chose to record a video to share the breathtaking natural phenomenon. This footage gives viewers a distinctive perspective from a pilot’s vantage point, making for a unique and awe-inspiring view. The video looks like a cinematic masterpiece with a lot of additional special effects that show the vibrant colors that paint the darkness.

This natural phenomenon occurs around the Arctic region when energetic particles from the sun collide with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, creating waves of fascinating light.

He shared the video on Instagram with a caption that read: “The most intense Aurora Borealis I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning Aurora Borealis last night. Vivid light curtains in a green and red ionized atmosphere. It was so intense that even was visible from Holland, a very rare sight.”

Watch the video here:

The skilled pilot maneuvers the aircraft with precision, offering viewers a front-row seat to this enchanting display.

The immersive footage not only captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the Northern Lights, but also emphasizes the unique perspectives that pilots are privileged to witness during their journeys above the clouds.

The video is already viral and has many views, likes and comments.

“Wow, I wonder how you became a pilot because you wanted to see this magnificent and beautiful view, right? It was beautiful, and thank you very much,” commented one user.

“First wheel I came across this morning – what a beautiful way to start the day,” wrote another user.

A user also posted a question about this footage: “Can a passenger with a camera get permission from the pilot to take some pictures from the cockpit?”

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