UK Street Fighter’s bizarre souvenir from Bare-Knuckle Brawl

Pickled Ear: UK Street Fighter's bizarre souvenir from Bare-Knuckle Brawl

Durham-based street fighter Alex Etherington

In a shocking display of aggression, a recent bare-knuckle brawl in Britain echoed the infamous Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield incident in 1997. The Tyson-Holyfield fight ended abruptly when a frustrated Tyson, on the losing end, resorted to biting a part of Holyfield’s right ear off. Similarly, the recent British bare-knuckle fight saw one fighter resort to ear biting.

According to Daily Star, a bare-knuckle fighter kept his ripped ear in a jar after a bloody encounter in a “no rules” brawl. The risky brawls are sweeping Britain and hundreds are getting involved, including Alex Etherington, 32, who now keeps his torn ear in a jar. The UK-based “fight club”-like experience has attracted some die-hard and crazy nuts.

Etherington, who hails from County Durham, emerged victorious in the match but lost his ear. He has since shared his experiences in the world of underground fighting rings.

In the documentary UNTALT: The Secret World of Fight Clubs, Alex Etherington recounts his harrowing experience of losing his ear in a fight. The documentary delves into the world of underground fighting and highlights the dangers and prevalence of these unregulated, no-holds-barred fights.

Etherington said: “I felt lucky to get on King Of The Streets. It’s quite sought after. I only got on it because my friend vouched for me. It got half a million views on YouTube and I got about 7,000 followers on Instagram overnight. It was heavy for me.”

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