Top 6 Superfoods to Keep You Glowing Through Garba Nights

It’s that time of year again – the vibrant and auspicious 10-day Navaratri festival. Like you, we eagerly await the lively beats of Garba. Dust off your dancing shoes and start perfecting your Garba moves for this year’s dance extravaganza. Given the rigorous training sessions and performances, it is crucial to maintain a high energy level throughout. Fortunately, indulging in energy-boosting organic foods can be the perfect solution to keep you going. According to Aarti Karnawat, Dietitian and Nutritionist: “Adding superfoods to your diet not only raises your energy levels, but also provides a number of essential nutrients essential for overall well-being. Take your pick from the list of superfoods below to create sumptuous dishes and get ready for an exuberant Garba experience with your loved ones.”
Let’s explore the best options that will ensure you dance through the festivities without feeling an ounce of fatigue or sluggishness.
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Here are the top 6 superfoods to keep you glowing through Garba Nights:

1. Desi Ghee:

Treat yourself to the richness of this quintessential Indian favourite. Whether it’s the classic variety or the organic turmeric and ashwagandha infused varieties, desi ghee serves as a potent source of sustained energy due to its healthy fat content. Make it a part of your Navratri diet to stay in high spirits throughout the festivities.

2. Saatvic Laddoo:

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the healthy goodness of protein and carbs packed into these delightful laddoos. Experiment with variations like Sattu jaggery laddoo, sesame and jaggery laddoo, dates laddoo or nutritious nachni laddoo to keep your energy levels soaring as you whirl through the festivities.

3. Kuttu Atta and Rajgira Atta:

Enhance your meals with the goodness of Kuttu and Rajgira flour. Whip up delicious parathas and puris from these nutritious flours to give your festive menu a healthy touch. Boost your stamina for the vibrant Garba nights with these healthy and nutritious alternatives.

4. Liquid jaggery:

Replace refined sugar with the gradual energy release of liquid jaggery. Not only does it prevent sudden blood sugar spikes, but it also serves as a steady source of renewable energy that ensures you stay lively throughout the Navaratri celebration.

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5. Dry fruits and nutri bars:

A quick fix for an energy boost, dry fruits and nutribars serve as the perfect pick-me-up during the lively Navaratri festivities. Munch on these nutritious snacks between your Garba moves to keep fatigue at bay and the festivities alive.

6. Organic seeds:

Harness the power of omega-3 fatty acids found in abundance in organic seeds such as chia, sunflower, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. Fight fatigue and promote heart health by incorporating these roasted seeds into your festive diet. Keep the energy flowing and your heart dancing through the joyous nights of Navaratri.

Let these superfoods fuel your Garba spirit and the festive fervor of Navaratri with endless festivities and unstoppable enthusiasm.

About Author: Satyajit Hange, a farmer and co-founder of Two Brothers Organic Farms, is deeply committed to promoting organic farming practices and sustainable living.

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