Top 6 places to eat in Chawri Bazaar for a delightful snacking experience

Located in Old Delhi, Chawri Bazaar embodies India’s vibrant culture and cuisine. This iconic wholesale market is mainly famous for selling brass and copper treasures. However, not many of us are aware that it is also a hidden gem for food lovers. This historic market is home to a host of age-old eateries that are an absolute must-visit experience for any Delhi-it. From delicious chaats to mouth-watering kebabs, your journey is not truly complete until you have savored the taste of culinary delights in Chawri Bazaar. So, if you are planning to visit Chawri Bazaar, we suggest six hidden gems of the market for you to have a delightful snacking experience.

Here are the top 6 eateries in Chawri Bazaar for a delightful snacking experience:

1. Shri Gujarat Namkeen Bhandar

For many years, Gujarat Namkeen has wholeheartedly served its customers. Shri Gujarat Namkeen Bhandar brings the essence of Gujarat, a beloved favorite snack destination for ages, to Delhi. This establishment takes great pride in offering a delicious selection of fresh namkeen and enticing Gujarati snacks like dhokla, thepla and khandvi. Don’t forget to enjoy their freshly fried pakoras and kachoris for a perfect evening snack.
Where: 3775, Charkhiwalan Gali, Khush Dil, Chawri Bazaar

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2. Ashok Chaat Corner

Ashok Chaat Bhandaar, located in the busy lanes of Chawri Bazaar near the metro station, is one of the most famous places to enjoy chaat across Delhi. This place offers aloo tikki, golgappe and dahi bhalle with their in-house chutneys. When you step into Ashok Chaat Bhandar, you will see a man expertly garnishing dahi and chutney with remarkable speed.
Where: 3488, Hauz Qazi Chowk, Bazar Sirkiwalan, Chawri Bazaar

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3. Hira Lal Chaat Corner

Looking for a healthier chat option? Your worries can now be put to rest. Hira Lal Chaat Corner is a popular eatery in Old Delhi for its Kuliya Chaat, an irresistible fruit snack. This delicious chaat is prepared from cucumbers, potatoes, watermelons and pineapple. They are then stuffed with chickpeas and pomegranate seeds with a pinch of chaat masala. The use of fresh fruit filled with tangy chaat masala and a touch of lemon on top makes this chaat a healthy choice.
Where: Shop No. 3636, Gali Lohe Wali, Chawri Bazaar

4.Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale

Looking for the purest natural ice cream? Head to Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale, which has been serving dilliwallahs since the 1960s. They take pride in offering 100 percent natural Kulfi infused with real fruits. While in the summer season you can enjoy seasonal flavors such as mango and apple, in the winter months they tempt your taste buds with options such as orange and pomegranate. Their stuffed Kulfi packed variety of flavors really sets them apart.

Where: Shop No 526 Kucha Pati Ram, Sitaram Bazar Rd, Chawri Bazar

5. Jain Coffee House

Located in the labyrinthine lanes of Chawri Bazaar, Jain Coffee House is the place to be if you fancy a sandwich with a twist. Although their atmosphere may not be exciting, their coffee and food are quite tasty to enjoy. Try their famous fruit sandwich, where fruits, spices and layers of bread come together for a delightful fusion. Their malai toast, pineapple sandwich and mango sandwich are also good options to eat there.
Where: 4013, Ballimaran Rd, Near PNB ATM, Raghu Ganj, Dai Wara, Chandni Chowk

6. Shyam sweets

Since 1910, Shyam Sweets has been satisfying Indian sweet cravings. Even children are familiar with it. Don’t miss to enjoy their Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Puri the next time you plan to visit Chawri Bazaar. Locals and tourists alike flock here for breakfast, making it a beloved destination. Apart from their famous Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Puri, they also offer a range of Kachoris and sweets to delight their patrons.
Where: 112, Manohar Market, Chawri Bazaar.

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While Chandani Chowk is famous for its eateries, Chawri Bazaar is an underrated place to have a great snacking experience. So, if you’re craving street food that adds a unique twist to satisfy your snack cravings, these Chawri Bazaar eateries are a must-visit.

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