This Sharabi Chicken Tikka Recipe won’t make you drunk. Try it!

Planning to host a party this holiday season? Do you want to do all the preparations yourself? Looking for a recipe to add to the appetizer menu? If you answered yes, stay back and go through the article as we are going to share with you an excellent recipe that will be an instant hit at your party. Any guess what it is? It is a delicious plate of chicken tikka. Now you must be wondering what is so special about it! So let us tell you, this dish is called sharabi chicken tikka. Sounds interesting? Literally translating to drunken (sharabi in Hindi) chicken tikka, it is made with whiskey and rum, which adds a smoky flavor to your palate. What are you waiting for? Learn the recipe now and make yourself a plate of delicious sharabi chicken tikka to pair as an appetizer with the drinks. Lets go.

Is Chicken Tikka Healthy? Can you have Chicken Tikka while on a diet?

For a non-vegetarian, no party seems complete without biting into a juicy piece of chicken. Right? And of course, chicken tikka tops the list. Besides being extremely flavorful, the chicken tikka recipe is also super versatile. All you have to do is play with the ingredients and cook something new every time. And the fact that it’s super healthy gives chicken tikka an extra edge. The dish is fried, not fried, which helps control the amount of oil you consume. In addition, it is filled with various essential nutrients, including protein and fiber, which will keep you full without the risk of bloating. Therefore, chicken tikka is often an integral part of a healthy diet.

Is Sharabi Chicken Tikka Healthy?

If you thought that sharabi chicken tikka would literally make you drunk, then you are completely wrong. We agree that the dish contains alcohol, but heating only leaves a smoky taste in the dish. So you can easily have sharabi chicken tikka at parties, without fear of getting drunk.

Sharabi Chicken Tikka Recipe | How to make Sharabi Chicken Tikka?

This sharabi chicken tikka recipe has been shared by Chef Anahita Dhondy on her Instagram handle. To start with the dish, cut the chicken into small pieces and marinate with salt, lemon juice, chili powder and ginger garlic paste. Marinate the chicken well and let it stand for at least two hours. Meanwhile, whisk together curd, red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin, garam masala, achaar oil, lemon juice and kasuri methi in a bowl.
Then add this curd mixture to the marinated chicken pieces. Next, add 15 ml of whiskey and 30 ml of rum, then mix it well and let it sit for at least another hour. The longer the marinade, the nicer the chicken will look. Finally, a little butter or oil is added to a grill pan, and the marinated chicken pieces are grilled until they are nice and charred. Put them on plates and serve with sliced ​​onions, a little mint chutney and a sprinkling of chaat masala. That is it! You have sharabi chicken tikka ready to be enjoyed.
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