The plane seems to pause in the air, old video reappears

'Glitch In The Matrix': Plane appears to pause mid-air, old video resurfaces

The viral video has amassed over 30 million views on X.

Is it possible for a plane to freeze in mid-air? An old video suggesting just that is going viral on the internet. Will Manidis posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) in October showing what appears to be a stationary aircraft hovering over the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge and San Francisco Bay.

While on a flight from New York City to the Bay Area, Mr. Manidis informed PEOPLE that he “noticed the optical illusion just as the plane landed” while looking out the window.

He told People that he was “shooting videos of the beautiful views before noticing the weird illusion.”

Sir. Manidis shared the video on X, formerly Twitter with the caption: “So a plane paused in midair today and you still think physics is real.”

In a subsequent post, Mr Manidis wrote: “Lots of ‘physics geeks’ in the qts pretending they’ve never dropped a pound of brick and a pound of feathers at the same time disproving Newtonian physics at home,” before joking , “didn’t know great physics had so many shills.”

Watch the video here:

The viral video has amassed over 30 million views on X. Commenting on the video, one user wrote: “There’s a glitch in the matrix.”

Another user wrote: “Ssshhhhhh, it’s sleeping.”

The third user pointed out: “This is called the Parallax effect. It occurs when objects closer to you appear to move faster than those further away. The result is that objects that move slower than the others look static out. Physics is amazing.”

“Ok. Regardless of what you say. It’s not at all like the plane you were in had a higher approach speed and was approaching a different runway at SFO thus creating a difference in relative speed and direction,” wrote the fourth user.

“What’s scarier is how close the two airliners are to each other,” wrote the fifth user.

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