The couple’s celestial-themed engagement ceremony featuring “Flying Angels” slammed online

Watch: The couple's sky-themed engagement ceremony with 'Flying Angels' snapped online

The video has accumulated more than 2 million views and over 35,000 likes.

Indian weddings are complicated affairs that involve a lot of rituals and themes and are incomplete without song and dance. Social media is filled with such videos of people dancing at weddings, pre-wedding ceremonies and elaborate spectacles with various elements. Now, one such video of a couple who hosted a “heaven-themed” engagement ceremony complete with “flying angels” has gone viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions from users. The clip was shared on Instagram by user Nikita Chaturvedi.

The now-viral video showed women adorned in white suspended above the hall, symbolizing “flying angels”. The women also held trays of rings for the couple as they slowly descended from above. “Comment ‘I will get married only if’ and let the autocorrect complete your statement,” Ms Chaturvedi captioned the post.

Watch the video below:

Another video shared by Ms Chaturvedi showed the couple also walking down the aisle towards the decorated stage.

The clip was shared a month ago and since then it has accumulated more than 2 million views and over 35,000 likes. While some users in the comments section called the stunt “inhumane” and “cruel”, others called it “dangerous”.

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“This shit is so cruel. I mean it’s people,” one user wrote. “This is inhumane. Just to show off, to treat a human being like a show piece!” said another.

“Except for the caption. It looks so painful. The poor girls are suspended in the air for hours for some rich people. This is the most disgusting trend,” expressed a third user. “STOP using people as props. I understand no job is big or small but everyone deserves basic human dignity and respect,” added another.

But in the comments section, the user issued a clarification. She mentioned that the women were trained professionals and they were safe. “Hi everyone! I understand the confusion. I would suggest you go to my profile and watch the attached reel to see why the angels were hanging. Other than that, the girls are safe and have performed such stunts numerous times. They are professional dancers and are trained for such stunts. Their safety cables are checked several times. Anyway, thank you very much for being concerned and sensitive,” she wrote.

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