Telegram is adding new features including reaction stickers, music in stories and more

Telegram launched the story feature for premium users in July, which was later made available to all users in August. Now, the company has added new updates to the feature, allowing users to add music and reaction stickers to the stories. In addition, users can send and share media directly in view-once mode, which can be changed at any time. Telegram has now expanded the ability to upload stories to channels. To do so, they must receive boots from their users.

In August, Telegram made its history feature is available to all users. It works similarly to Instagram Stories and lets users post stories for 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Now it has social media platform extended the ability to post stories to Telegram channels. However, they will be dependent on a boost from Premium users to do so. Telegram Premium will provide a boost per user that can be given to any channel. As channels get boosts, they will rise to different levels. With each level, channel admins can write an additional story per day. Users can still decide which channels they want to see stories on. Channels can check how many boosts they need to increase their level by going to Channel Info > More > Statistics > Boosts.

Another update is the ability to add reaction stickers and music to the stories. Users and channels can put up reaction stickers and viewers can respond to them with a single tap. To add a reaction sticker, users can click the icon in the sticker panel and select an emoji from the options provided. While Premium users can add up to 5 reaction stickers per story, other users will only be allowed one reaction sticker per history. Users can add music to their stories by going to Audio > Select File > Align Track. They can also choose to keep the original sound.

Similar to WhatsApp and Instagram, users can send media on Telegram with one view. Users can switch between a one-time view mode or a 30-second view mode. View once mode will permanently delete the media file once opened and the viewer cannot save it or take screenshots.

Last but not least, Telegram sends a login warning to users every time they log in from a new device. They can also review all the devices they’re signed in to by going to Settings > Devices. For an extra layer of security, users can add two-step verification. To do so, they must go to petings > Privacy and security > Two-step verification.

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