Amazing AI visuals Imagine Mumbai’s buildings floating in the air

The pictures are made with Midjourney. Needless to say, artificial intelligence has given new wings to an artist’s imagination. The powerful technology now enables many people to create realistic and fantastic works of art that often take the internet by storm. Riding on the trend, a digital creator has imagined what Mumbai’s buildings would look … Read more

Bread + Dip = Heaven! Try this viral 5-minute olive oil dip

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Hack to extract every drop of ketchup from the bottle goes viral

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94-year-old woman travels across the US to see sister for the last time

The two siblings are respectively 94 and 90 years old. The bond between siblings is a unique and special relationship that is often one of the longest lasting connections in a person’s life. Siblings share a common upbringing, family history and genetic heritage, which can create a deep and lasting bond. To demonstrate the truth … Read more