More young adults in the United States are living at home with their families

Younger adults in the US are increasingly saying goodbye to their landlords and hello again to mom and dad. According to a new study from Harris poll for Bloomberg45% of people aged 18 to 29 live at home with their families – the highest figure since the 1940s. More than 60% of Gen-Zers and millennials … Read more

Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is very popular and has a massive fan base around the world. Taylor Swift is a globally recognized American singer-songwriter and actress and one of the most commercially successful artists in the music industry. She has had a huge cultural, economic and musical influence all over the world. Now Australia is to hold … Read more

Poverty in America increased last year, especially among children

Millions of American families fell into poverty last year as the well of government-funded pandemic aid dried up and incomes fell, according to new data from the US Census. Children were particularly hard hit, with the child poverty rate doubling compared to 2021. The sharp increase in poverty is “staggering,” Sharon Parrott, president of the … Read more