Bengaluru Techie Runs into Google CEO Sundar Pichai on San Francisco Street, His Post Now Viral

The photo has amassed more than 577,000 views and almost 4,000 likes on X. Imagine walking down the street in San Francisco and suddenly bumping into Google CEO Sundar Pichai. This is exactly what happened to a Bengaluru-based techie recently, whose social media post about the same has gone viral online. Sid Puri, Head of … Read more

Bengaluru Woman’s Bumble Reach Leads to Investor Offering

Representative image Bengaluru: The constant search for opportunities to increase one’s wealth is ingrained in the people of Bengaluru. Entrepreneurs and investors thrive in this city, also known as India’s startup hub. This phenomenon was demonstrated in a recent event involving a woman who received a business proposal from an investor based solely on her … Read more

Viral Photo Claims To Show Helicopter On Bengaluru Road, Internet Stunned

The viral image claims to show helicopter parked on a road in Bengaluru. Bengaluru is known for its notorious traffic jams, with a Dutch company ranking it as the second most congested city in the world in 2022. Commuters in Bengaluru keep posting pictures of serpentine queues of vehicles or the incredibly long wait to … Read more