iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro: iPhone users should consider using a case after watching this drop test video

iPhone 15 Pro and last year iPhone 14 Pro have been pitted against each other in a new drop test that measures how durable Apple’s premium devices are. The drop test video shared by YouTuber Sam Kohl shows that the iPhone 14 Pro could withstand the drop test better than the latest iPhone 15 Pro. … Read more

Demand for the iPhone 15 is exceeding expectations as consumers worldwide line up to buy

If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 15, you’ll probably have to take a number. The iPhone 15 hit store shelves around the world on Friday, drawing huge crowds at Apple stores in the US, China and Europe. The large crowds highlight the strong demand for Apple’s latest smartphone despite its steeper … Read more

Apple workers go on strike in France just as the iPhone 15 hits stores

Workers at Apple stores across France have gone on strike demanding more pay. The nationwide strike by about 2,100 workers was timed to coincide with Friday’s retail release of Apple’s latest phone, iPhone 15, in France. Eager customers had to cross lines outside stores to be among the first to buy the new phone. At … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro back glass replacement is now much cheaper and easier compared to iPhone 14 Pro: Details

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max — Apple’s high-end iPhone models launched last week as part of iPhone 15 lineup — will support cheaper and easier rear glass replacements, according to the company’s support website. Thanks to a change in how the company built the two new smartphones, the cost of repairing the … Read more

Will Apple’s switch to USB Type-C affect it financially? Explained

Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 series with USB Type-C ports. Apple made a major shift in its latest gadgets, including the iPhone, which accounts for more than 80 percent of the smartphone industry’s profits. It’s one of the most talked about things in the tech world, as Apple earns significant revenue from the accessories that … Read more

Apple unveils new iPhone 15 in today’s event. Here’s where and when you can watch it live.

Apple is unveiling the new iPhone 15 today Apple is unveiling the new iPhone 15 today 00:32 Apple is unveiling its latest iPhone lineup today at the company’s annual launch event in Cupertino, California, where the tech giant is also expected to introduce new Apple Watches, Airpods and other gear. The event is an important … Read more

iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Weights and Measurements Leak Ahead of ‘Wonderlust’ Launch Event

iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Proand iPhone 15 Pro Max details have been leaked in a new report, shortly before the company’s September launch event titled ‘Wonderlust’. Several details about the company’s upcoming iPhone 15 series of smartphones have surfaced online over the past few months, such as the color options for the regular and Pro … Read more

Huawei releases a faster phone to compete with Apple. Here’s why the US is worried.

Huawei’s latest phone, the Mate 60 Pro, is creating buzz among tech lovers in China. But in the US, the new device is raising concerns, along with an investigation by the US Department of Commerce. One issue for US officials is the technology inside the Huawei phone, which reportedly includes an advanced 7-nanometer processor made … Read more