Spider-Man 2 Gameplay details Open-world experience with fast travel, teases over 65 suits

Spider Man 2 just got a new gameplay trailer on PlayStation In-game status event held late Thursday, dropping new details about its exploration, side quests, and new tech. Game director Bryan Intihar kicked things off by comparing its open-world experience to the 2018 prequel, noting how the map has nearly doubled in size, expanding past the East River to include the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. To make up for the distance, both Spider-Men — Peter Parker and Miles Morales — are equipped with deployable Web Wings that let them quickly glide across the city. In fact, these can be used in conjunction with web-swing by alternating between the two for increased momentum.

As previously reportedplayers can seamlessly switch between Spider-Men instantly — functionality enabled by PS5s SSD – regardless of how far they are located in the open world. This loading speed also extends into the fast travel system, where new districts are unlocked based on how many side activities you complete in that zone. IN Spider Man 2, our heroes’ masks are equipped with new AR technology that reveals world activities through holographic icons in your field of vision. All nearby quests and NPC requests can be tracked using the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app, which pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen. While most tasks can be done by either Spider-Man – indicated by the little face icons on the phone’s screen – some are reserved for a ‘specific hero’.

For example, Miles could be asked to perform at Brooklyn Visions Academy, his current place of learning, which appears to be somewhat exploratory. Similarly, the football fields at Midtown High, where we saw Peter hanging out with Harry Osborn in one older trailer, will be available to explore – at least to some extent. Intihar explained that side missions will largely be represented through ‘visual cues’ such as airborne Talon drones leading to The Hunter’s Collar history and hovering green symbols pointing to Mysterio’s presence. Such interactions would ultimately lead to climatic showdowns with Spider-Man’s rogues gallery of villains, not limited to the bulky Married.

Exploration also rewards you with new combat and gadget upgrades, in addition to unlocking new spider suits. Intihar claims that this sequel will feature over 65 costumes from the comics, movies and some original designs. In total, they’ll add up to 200 when you consider the Suit Styles system, which lets you unlock alternate colors for your chosen outfit. Also, if you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man 2, you’ll be granted 10 more exclusive suits – five for each Spidey – made in collaboration with artists from various media. This edition is priced at Rs. 5,599/$79.99.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on PS5 20 October.

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