South Africa vs India live score over 3. T20I T20 6 10 updates

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9.6 overs (0 runs) OUT! Lumber! Kuldeep Yadav has the last laugh here and sends Donovan Ferreira packing. This is the leg break again from Kuldeep but this is bowled much quicker at 92 clicks and on a nagging length on middle. The ball returns and stays low and slides through as well. Donovan Ferreira is caught on the back foot and can’t keep it out. The ball goes past the inside edge and goes off the pads to topple the hoops. South Africa have lost half their team in 10 overs.

9.5 overs (6 runs) SIX! Grab it! Dragged down the middle, Donovan Ferreira goes deep into his crease and pulls it with a lot of power over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.

9.4 overs (1 run) Lowers this one a long way and flattens it outside off, David Miller pushes it past point for a single.

9.3 overs (1 run) Shorter on the stumps, Donovan Ferreira hits it straight back to Kuldeep Yadav who does well to get his hands on the ball which was shot like a rocket. Two runs taken.

9.2 overs (0 runs) Slower and shorter on the stumps, returns. Donovan Ferreira gives space to pull, but mistimes it to the middle.

9.1 overs (1 run) Shorter, kept low on the line of the stumps, David Miller pulls it along the ground on the back foot towards deep midwicket for a single.

Strategic break! After 9 overs, South Africa are 66/4 and are behind on the run rate. Excellent bowling display by the Indian bowlers so far but there is David Miller still on the field and he is capable of turning the game on its head. Let’s see what happens after the break. Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack after the strategic break. DRS is now available.

8.6 overs (2 runs) On a good length around off, Donovan Ferreira strokes it away wide of the covers and picks up a couple of runs in the deep.

8.5 overs (1 run) Quicker in the air, outside off, David Miller gets back on the back foot and cuts it late to deep point for one.

8.4 overs (0 runs) A huge shout for trapped behind, but it’s turned down! Ravindra Jadeja comes from around the wicket and fires it in at a nagging length close to the off stump. This one goes straight on and just past the outer edge. Jadeja is sure there is an advantage, but there is no DRS at the moment. This could be a big moment as replays show there was indeed a deflection as the ball went past the bat.

8.3 overs (6 runs) SIX! BANG! Far too full and straight into the leg stump gap, David Miller clears the straight front leg and punches it through the line to long on for a biggie.

8.2 overs (0 runs) Great trip! Slightly shorter on off and gives it a nice rip again, the ball returns sharply and bounces too. David Miller is pushed onto the back foot and holds it back awkwardly.

8.1 overs (6 runs) SIX! Raw power from David Miller! Full and straight, on middle and leg, David Miller just swings over the line and smokes it over the midwicket fence for a maximum.

7.6 overs (1 run) Comes from around the wicket and floats it really full around off, David Miller drills it down to long on for one more.

7.5 overs (2 runs) Shorter and wide of off, David Miller cuts on the back foot to deep cover for a couple of easy runs.

7.4 overs (1 run) Shorter on middle and leg, Donovan Ferreira uses the depth of the crease and pulls it to deep square leg for just another run.

7.3 overs (0 runs) Donovan Ferreira is tossed up fuller on the pads and defends it to mid on for no runs.

7.2 overs (0 runs) This is tossed up outside off, Donovan Ferreira comes forward and hits it straight to extra cover.

7.1 overs (0 runs) What a delivery! Missed the stump by a whisker! Faster in the air, a blob shorter outside the stump. Donovan Ferreira hit all ends.

Tilak Varma comes into the attack for India.

6.6 overs (2 runs) David Miller, shorter around the leg stump, goes down the pitch and pushes it around the corner for a couple of runs. The referees have also just informed the players that DRS is unavailable for the time being.

6.5 overs (1 run) Darted into the pads by Donovan Ferreira who pushes this to the square leg region for a single.

6.4 overs (1 run) Slightly fuller and quicker on middle, David Miller goes on the back foot and works it away past square leg for a single.

6.3 overs (0 runs) David Miller is tossed fuller up the stumps from off, and comes back and defends it to mid on for no runs.

6.2 overs (1 run) Flatter one on off stump, this is pitched down to long on for a single by Donovan Ferreira.

Donovan Ferreira is the new dough in South Africa.

6.1 overs (0 runs) OUT! CAPTURED! The stand-in skipper Ravindra Jadeja puts himself on the field and picks the big wicket of Aiden Markram off the very first delivery. Jadeja fires this one in on a shorter length and into the pads, which gives it a real rip and makes it take hold and also turn away from the batter. Markram rocks back and gives room to pull it leg side but misses it badly from outer half. The ball pops to the right of short third man, where Yashasvi Jaiswal moves to his left from backward point and takes a simple catch.

PP1- India on top after the first PowerPlay.

5.6 overs (0 runs) A spicy bumper to finish! This is knocked in over the middle and at a difficult height too, David Miller has to swing his head out of the way.

5.5 overs (0 runs) Good length on off and a little extra bounce, David Miller gets on the front foot and looks to block but the ball takes the splice of the bat.

David Miller is the new dough in South Africa.

5.4 overs (0 runs) OUT! CAPTURED! Picks the fielder to perfection and South Africa are in little trouble here. Arshdeep Singh pitches this outside off and tries to angle it away but Heinrich Klaasen has his eyes on the short leg side and shuffles across. Klaasen flicks it flat away and to the right of Rinku Singh at deep square leg, who just needs to take a few steps to his right and takes a safe catch. Another low score from Klaasen.

5.3 overs (0 runs) Great comeback ball! Hit hand length and into the pads by Heinrich Klaasen on leg.

5.2 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Up and over! Slightly shorter over off stump, Heinrich Klaasen hangs back in his crease and pulls it like a pinch-hitter over wide mid on and into the cow corner fence for a boundary.

5.1 overs (0 runs) Struck into cover, shorter and angled away from the line of stumps, Heinrich Klaasen defends this one for no run.

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