Smoothies in the cool season? 5 winter smoothies to warm your soul

Who said smoothies were only meant for summer? You may find it hard to believe, but winter smoothies are actually a thing! The cool season is here and sometimes our body requires a healthy meal that not only fills but also warms our soul. And what better meal than a smoothie? This blend is extremely versatile and provides benefits from different fruits and vegetables at the same time. In addition to soups, you can also experiment with winter food in the form of hot beverages that could be just as good as the more appealing summer delicacies.

Is it good to drink smoothie in winter?

If you have this question on your mind, we understand. Smoothies have always been listed as a summer drink, but honestly, that’s not the case. Winter smoothies are extremely beneficial during this chilly season as they support seasonal eating and allow your body to get nourishment from a varied diet. Winter is famous for green leafy vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and fiber. So if you drink a winter smoothie, you can make the most of the vegetables produced in season.

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Winter smoothies to try | 5 winter smoothies to keep you warm

1. Chocolate Banana Smoothie

If you fancy something chocolatey and nutritious at the same time, then a chocolate banana smoothie should be your go-to drink. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, fiber and potassium, which nourish your health. Chocolate, on the other hand, contains a chemical called tyramine, which triggers a euphoric response in your body. Also, if you combine this combination with oats, it will help your body produce serotonin – which is a mood-regulating neurotransmitter that leaves you happy and satisfied all day long!

2. Green Vanilla Smoothie

As the name suggests, the green vanilla smoothie contains green leafy vegetables. It’s an easy 5-minute recipe that includes spinach, bananas, protein powder and milk. What’s more, you can also replace cow’s milk with vegan ingredients such as almond, coconut or soy milk. Add honey, flax seeds or chia seeds to add more nutrition to it and enjoy your guilt-free smoothie any time of the day!

3. Sweet Potato Ginger Smoothie

Yes! Leave no winter vegetables. Sweet potato ginger is a unique combination to try as a winter smoothie. All it needs is mashed sweet potatoes, almond butter, vanilla extract, honey, ground ginger, soy milk (or any milk of your choice) and a pinch of salt. The result is a thick, creamy drink that would surely impress you in the world of smoothies.

4. Green hazelnut smoothie

Hazelnuts have a sweet, earthy flavor that often most famously complements chocolate. Now imagine this in a smoothie, only healthier! One of the most versatile drinks in the world of winter smoothies, the Green Hazelnut Smoothie is packed with antioxidants and protein. This is made from spinach, crushed hazelnuts, almond milk and protein powder. This winter smoothie is an excellent way to incorporate greens and nuts into your daily meal plan.

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5. Chai Smoothie

Can’t function without your daily cup of chai? No problems! Give it a green spin instead. This winter smoothie will tempt your taste buds like no other. Chai smoothie is made from spinach (or any green vegetable), tea leaves, coconut milk, apple, ginger, cardamom and dates and tastes delicious. It’s warm and comforting and leaves you wanting more!

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Bonus tips:

1. Heating technique

Although these winter smoothies are prepared and blended at normal room temperature, you can definitely heat them up. Before drinking, pour the final mixture into a pot and heat it below the boiling point. Make sure not to boil it.

2. Spice Enhancement

If you feel that your body needs extra nourishment, make use of seasonal spices. To add subtle notes of warmth to your winter smoothie, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon or turmeric for your drink. You can also add ground black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, red pepper and even cayenne to your drinks.

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