Shark attacks result in the removal of predator’s teeth from diver’s skull by doctors

Shark attacks result in the removal of predator's teeth from diver's skull by doctors

The shark’s teeth were surgically removed from the diver’s skull after the attack.

Bridgette O’Shannessy, a 32-year-old Australian woman, was the victim of a horrific shark attack while freediving off a reef in Adelaide on Friday. The attack left her with severe facial injuries, including having to have shark teeth surgically removed from her skull.

According to Perth nowBridgette O’Shannessy is an environmental consultant and university student and was diving with her partner Brian Gordon Roberts when this incident happened.

Brian pushed the shark away before applying pressure to her wound. Mrs O’Shannessy was rushed to Flinders Medical Centre. She remains there after undergoing two surgeries for extensive injuries and nerve damage. Roberts took to social media to announce that Ms O’Shannessy was in a stable condition when she left surgery.

“Unfortunately Bridgette was hit by a white pointer at Port Noarlunga Reef yesterday. She is doing very well considering the circumstances,” he wrote.

Sir. Roberts thanked supporters for their well wishes and said he had passed them on to her.

This was told by lifeguard Ray Tomlinson, who had been in the water just a few minutes before the attack 9 News he ran in when he heard her cries for help on Friday afternoon.

“I basically went over to help get the vessel onto the beach and secure it, at which point I realized there was a patient in the boat,” Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson worked with Mr Roberts, who applied pressure to injuries to her face and head.

“He had been applying pressure for a while and the patient was not under stress,” Tomlinson said.

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