Running out of milk? Here are 5 great milk alternatives for baking

Have you ever been in a situation where you are in the middle of baking only to realize you are missing an ingredient? This feeling can be quite frustrating, right? In such a situation, we often knock on the doors of our neighbors to ask for the very ingredient that we do not have. One such common baking ingredient that we often run out of is milk. It is added to baking recipes to add extra moisture and improve their overall flavor. But if you think that there are no alternatives to milk that you can use, then it is not true. If you look around your kitchen, you will find several great ingredients that can replace milk. The results are just the same and they work pretty well every time.
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Cooking Hack: Here are 5 Best Milk Substitutes for Baking:

1. Heavy cream:

Heavy cream is a good substitute for milk in a baking recipe. It helps add similar flavor and moisture to the baked goods. However, since cream is high in fat, it needs to be diluted to get similar results to milk. For this, mix some heavy cream with some water. Give it a good mix and then add it to your recipe that you would milk. The results will definitely not disappoint.

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2. Soy milk:

If you are someone who is lactose intolerant, you can replace regular cow’s milk with soy milk. This substitute does not require any major changes to the recipe as we are using the milk itself. The only difference is that it is dairy-free and of course has the added taste of soy. Soy milk also has relatively less fat compared to regular milk, which can change the richness of the final baked product. So be careful how much you add.

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3. Creme fraiche:

Creme fraiche is also a great last-minute milk substitute. Like heavy cream, this one is also quite high in fat. Again, the trick here is to mix it with a bit of water to achieve the desired consistency. Follow the 1:1 ratio while substituting it in your recipe. It works exceptionally well in bread or cake recipes. Remember that this cream is sour in taste, so it may be a good idea to add extra sugar to balance the sourness.
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4. Almond milk:

Another dairy-free alternative to milk is almond milk. It gives similar results as when you use regular milk or soy milk. If you are someone who does not prefer the taste of soy and is also lactose intolerant, this is where you can use almond milk. Using almond milk as a substitute for regular cow’s milk works well for almost any baking recipe. Be careful not to add too much though, as the almond flavor can become overpowering.

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5. Yogurt:

Yogurt can also be a great substitute for milk. When substituting it in your recipe, use the same amount as you would milk. But you will definitely need to dilute it with water to achieve the desired consistency. Yogurt has a slightly sour taste, so you can balance it out by adding extra sugar. Also, be sure to use plain yogurt and not just any sweetened version for best results.

Now that you know about these milk substitutes, use them in emergencies and save your baked goods from going to waste.

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