PlayStation VR2 finally launched in India after 10 months, priced at Rs. 57,990

PlayStation VR2, Sony’s current generation virtual reality headset, is finally available in India. The novelty comes almost 10 months after its launch in the US and costs a little more than the standard PS5 in the country. The visor and Sense controllers alone cost Rs. 57,990, although you could also choose it Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, priced at Rs. 61,999. However, it seems that there is not enough stock when it comes to online retailers. Only at the time of writing Amazon and e2z shop has the headset in stock, with the latter only showing the basic edition. Other notable sites have the ability to pre-order or enable email notifications when they are ready.

As is PS VR2 the catalog is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Store, including the aforementioned Horizon spin-off that costs Rs. 3,999 digitally. Even the package comes with a voucher to download the game, albeit with some special cover to distinguish it. In it, you play as Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior, who is escorted into the central part of Sundom to unravel a mystery, utilizing highly advanced tribal skills such as archery and weapon-making to bring down giant beast-like machines. Despite the new layout, you will run into the main character of the series Aloy and other familiar characters at several points who help us in quests. In a way this is Guerrilla game’ way to expand the Horizon universe, whose main series has one successor also planned.

As usual, the headset should soon be available in all major retailers such as Amazon, Cromae2z Store, Flipkart, Play the store, Reliance Digital, Buy from SCand Vijay Sales. In fact, if you choose to buy from Amazon right now, it has a limited-time discount of 8 percent, which cuts the price down to Rs. 54,990 – which is the same price as the Bluray equipped PS5 console.

While the launch of the PS VR2 is great news for virtual reality enthusiasts, many online have been asking Sony India about their status Spider Man 2 Collector’s Edition orders. Players who pre-ordered the pack – in June – still haven’t received it from Sony reportedly to delay orders indefinitely. Keep in mind that the company still hasn’t made an official statement about its social handle regarding this matter.

The PS VR2 comes with an OLED panel resolution of 4,000 x 2,040 (2000 x 2040 per eye) running at 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates, enabling smooth navigation during gameplay. As for the visor, it has a 110-degree FOV – the same as its predecessor – and a transparent toggle that lets users see their surroundings without having to take off the headset. Current virtual reality systems need to set up tracking cameras in both corners of the room for height adjustments, but PS VR2 doesn’t need one. There is also the sensory function that utilizes motor vibrations to mimic senses and tense situations from within the game.

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