Passengers cheer as couple gets married on a moving train, internet has questions

Watch: Passengers cheer as couple gets married on a moving train, the internet has questions

The identity of the bride and groom who get married on a moving train is not yet clear.

Recently, the trend of people dancing inside metro trains, railway platforms and other public places has seen a sharp rise. However, one couple went one step further and got married on a moving train. Giving a unique twist to the destination wedding trend, the couple chose an express train as their wedding venue. A video of the unconventional ceremony shows the couple performing the wedding rituals in the presence of several passengers cheering them on.

The shared video was captioned ”Wedding on the moving train. Wow wow wow.”

Watch the video here:

The video opens to show the couple first exchanging heat load, followed by the groom who ties a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. The bride then touches the groom’s feet and hugs him after becoming emotional and eliciting cheers from the crowd. Some reports say that this unique ceremony took place aboard an Asansol-Jasidih train, but NDTV cannot independently confirm that.

The video has taken the internet by storm, garnering more than 74,000 likes and hundreds of comments. While some were curious to know why the couple chose to get married in a train, others were amused and made jokes about the versatility of Indian trains. Some also congratulated the couple and extended well wishes.

”Budget kam hoga, warna plane mein karte (the budget must be limited or they would do it on a plane),” one user said.

Another commented: ”Why make divorce such a painful process when getting married is so easy. When a couple can get married in a moving train, why should they go to court for divorce. Make divorce as easy or as hard as marriage.”

A third added, ”Our public of India is at the forefront of getting all this done.” A fourth added, ”Multipurpose Indian Railways.”

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