“Nothing Worthwhile is Easy”: Usman Khawaja’s heartfelt post amid ‘Shoes’ controversy

Australia’s opener Usman Khawaja came into the limelight after he showed solidarity with the people caught in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Khawaja was seen wearing shoes with a message – “All lives are equal” written on it during the training session ahead of the first Test against Pakistan. However, he was banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) from wearing them on match day. Later, during the match between Pakistan and Australia, some fans were seen with the same slogans written on Khawaja’s shoes.

Now, on his Instagram, Khawaja thanked everyone who came in his support and even said that he will continue to raise his voice on the issue.

“Thank you to all those who supported and gave me love this week. It didn’t go unnoticed. There are a lot of good-hearted people out there. Nothing worthwhile is easy. History shows that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past. But together we can we are fighting for a better future,” Khawaja wrote on his Instagram.

Earlier, the banner with the same meaning was seen during the first Test in Australia against Pakistan. As soon as it caught sight of security, the banner was taken down.

“A sign was removed because it was in breach of Cricket Australia’s terms and conditions of entry,” stadium authorities said in a statement.

“Some patrons were removed because of anti-social behaviour, not because of the sign,” it added.

On the eve of the first Test, Khawaja had also shared his views on social media.

“All lives are equal. Freedom is a human right. I raise my voice for human rights. For a humanitarian appeal. If you see it another way. It’s up to you…,” Southpaw wrote while sharing a video .

When the ICC banned the attacker from wearing shoes with messages targeting the Israel-Hamas conflict, Khawaja appeared without his shoes during a media interview ahead of the first Test against Pakistan.

“I’m a grown man, I can do anything I want, but the ICC will just keep coming down and fining me and at some point it will detract from the game. I stand by what I said. I will stand by it forever. But I also have to go out there and really concentrate on what I’m doing,” Khawaja told 7Cricket.

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