New Yorkers Lift Illegally Parked Car to Make Way for Bus, Internet Calls Them ‘Heroes’

Watch: New Yorkers Lift Illegally Parked Car to Make Way for Bus, Internet Calls Them 'Heroes'

The video has amassed more than 167,000 likes and almost 3 million views.

In an inspiring demonstration of working together for the local community, a group of New Yorkers joined together to lift an illegally parked car and move it to the side to make room for a bus. A video posted on Instagram by Reddit showed the group of pedestrians coming together to accomplish the seemingly impossible task.

“Every day heroes for sure,” the post captioned the post. “New Yorkers lift illegally parked car so Metro bus can reverse,” read the caption on the clip.

Watch the video below:

In the video, a couple of people are seen standing around a car. Moments later, they are seen lifting the vehicle and moving it out of the way, allowing the bus to move freely.

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The clip was shared on Instagram a few days ago and has since accumulated more than 167,000 likes and nearly 3 million views. Netizens were quick to praise bystanders for ensuring the bus could resume service immediately.

“Wow! Nice to see something positive from the Big Apple! Good job men!” wrote a user. “Together. We can move mountains!” commented another.

“Look, it’s community. We mind our business when it matters, but some things are just unacceptable. You don’t block traffic,” expressed a third. “Driving buses in NYC, I’ve hit a few illegally parked cars in my time. The best part is the cops ticket the illegally parked car and their insurance company has to pay for the damage to the bus,” added another.

One person also explained how irresponsible parking can cause a lot of inconvenience to everyone. “As a disabled rider who relies on public transportation, I see daily how stupid people are who park or “wait” in their cars. They not only inconvenience, hinder, actually bring riders, drivers, bystanders, buses, other cars and drivers, and sometimes coaches. Simply to indulge self-centered desire to save a few seconds, or a few steps. Penalties should be more severe. Vehicles impounded faster,” they wrote.

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