Mumbai Woman’s Lost Apple Pencil returns with a touch of kindness

Viral Story: Mumbai Woman's Lost Apple Pencil Returns With a Touch of Kindness

“This is unreal,” the post captioned the post.

A heartwarming story emerged from Mumbai when a woman, Akansha Dugad, shared her experience of losing her beloved apple pencil during a vacation in Auroville, Puducherry. Her post on X (formerly Twitter) quickly went viral, eliciting an outpouring of love and support from the online community.

While enjoying a day at Auroville beach with a friend and fellow hostel guest, Akansha unfortunately misplaced her apple pencil. Although the loss initially discouraged her, she decided to put it aside and continue to enjoy her journey.

Returning to Mumbai, Akansha, an interior designer, was pleasantly surprised to receive a package from the friendly stranger she had met at the hostel, Rakshit. Inside the envelope was not only a box of Apsara pencils, but to her astonishment, her lost apple pencil as well. Next to the returned gadget was a heartfelt note that read: “There will never be enough kindness in this world. I will do my part; you make sure you do yours. Because in the end, only kindness will means something.”

Unable to contain her excitement, Akansha exclaimed, “This is crazy; I can’t believe this.”

The social media post, which contains three screenshots, gained immense popularity, with people in the comments section praising the sender of the package for his generous act.

“This is just so cute; everyone can just feel your excitement,” commented one user.

“Good things can travel light years to get back to you,” another user wrote.

“All my love goes out to people like that; ahh, we need more of them,” commented a third user.

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