Mumbai traffic police reacts to actor and NCP leader Amol Kolhe’s criticism of E-Challans

Mumbai traffic police reacts to actor and NCP leader Amol Kolhe's criticism of E-Challans

Popular Marathi actor and NCP’s Shirur MP, Amol Kolhe

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Amol Kolhe has criticized the Mumbai Traffic Police for their approach to collecting traffic fines. Kolhe’s criticism came after he was stopped by a woman traffic police officer and asked to pay a fine online for his vehicle, which has 15 pending e-challenges worth Rs 16,900.

In a tweet, Kolhe said he was “shocked” by the incident and that the traffic police were “harassing” him. He also questioned the need for such a large number of e-challans.

“I experienced something very shocking. A female police officer from Mumbai traffic police stopped my car and asked to pay the fine online. While checking her mobile, I saw a message in the form of an order saying that 25,000 INR should be collected from at least 20 vehicles,” Mr. Kolhe wrote.

He then criticized the government and the traffic police for this behaviour.

“There are 652 traffic junctions in Mumbai. 25,000×652 = Rs 1,63,00,000 per day, which is a whopping Rs 1.63 crore in Mumbai alone. What about other cities? If the concerned ministers or officials disclose, the public will know whether the traffic department is being used for recovery rather than traffic regulation,” he added.

Following Mr. Kolhe’s tweet, the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) revealed that his vehicle has accumulated overdue fines from 15 e-challans amounting to a total of ₹16,900.

The Mumbai Traffic Police also commented on Mr. Kolhe’s tweet by saying that “more than 1.31 crore e-challans in the city of Mumbai for violation of the Motor Vehicle Act have a fine amount of over Rs 685 crore pending since January 1, 2019. A penalty There collection drives are conducted this weekend to collect this fine amount to the government and to enforce traffic discipline among motorists who violate traffic rules.”

“As a responsible public representative, we are expected to get factual information from the regulatory authorities before issuing such a confusing message on social media,” the Mumbai Traffic Police added.

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