‘Moye Moye’ trend used by Delhi Police to warn against road accidents

'Moye Moye' trend used by Delhi Police to warn against road accidents

The creativity of Delhi Police is winning appreciation from social media users.

That “Moye Moye” the trend has captivated Indian users and left its mark on the digital landscape for days. This Serbian tune has swept across social media, starting with TikTok and expanding to Instagram reels, Facebook videos and YouTube shorts, all of which contain snippets of the tune. Indian users have incorporated the song into acting videos, funny memes and other creative content, showing the trend’s versatility and widespread appeal.

Now, Delhi Police has used this trend to raise awareness about road safety among its followers.

On Saturday, the Delhi Police posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) showing an accident during a bike stunt, with the caption “Gaadi par control na khoyen, nahi toh ho sakta hai Moye Moye.” The video, which aims to promote road safety awareness, quickly gained popularity on social media.

Watch the video here:

The video, which was posted on X, has garnered nearly a million views, with netizens leaving positive comments applauding the Delhi Police for their inventive and engaging approach to deliver a crucial message. Incorporation of ‘Moye Moye’ sound, taken from the Serbian song ‘Dzanum’ by Teya Dora, the video has capitalized on the popular trend of using the number on meme sites to convey emotions such as sadness, regret or drama.

Social media users leave interesting comments on the post and appreciate the creativity of Delhi Police social media team.

“At first I thought it was a parody account. Good,” one user commented.

“Delhi Police is very creative,” wrote another user.

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