“Monster” 17-foot Burmese python caught in Florida. View photos

'Monster' 17-foot Burmese python caught in Florida.  View photos

Elfenbein said the python was a “formidable opponent”.

A giant Burmese python was recently found by trappers in Florida, USA. The huge reptile, weighing close to 90 kilograms, was discovered by conservationist Mike Elfenbein and his son Cole, 17, while the two were hunting for pythons in the Big Cypress National Preserve on Friday. When they spotted the monstrous snake, fellow hunters Trey Barber, Carter Gavlock and Holden Hunter also joined the two to catch it, which as per CBS News.

“Officially 17’2″ & 198 pounds. This snake ate a lot of native wildlife to get this big. She ate her last meal! It took five of us to control her, happy to have removed her from our Everglades where she can no longer eat our wildlife,” Mr Elfenbein wrote while sharing a series of photos of the snake on Instagram.

Take a look below:

Talking to CBS News, Mr Elfenbein described the snake as a “monster” after its discovery. “It was more than a snake,” he said.

According to Mr. Elfenbein, Mr. Gavlock was the first to grab the snake by the tail. Then his 17-year-old son Cole and Mr Gavlock grabbed the head and all five men tried to wrestle the python to the ground. Elfenbein said the python quickly went from “flight to fight” and was a “formidable opponent”.

The five men then sat on the python’s back and wrestled with it for more than 45 minutes. The python, on the other hand, kept lifting its body off the ground and “tried to constrict” its captives and continue to move the group off the road. The python had “zero fear” of its captors, Mr Elfenbein told the magazine.

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Further, after finding the snake, Mr. Elfenbein also called professional python hunter Amy Siewe. “If Mike calls me right now, it has to be a python,” said Ms Siewe, who has professionally caught 530 pythons since 2019, adding that she then drove up to the reserve and saw “the coolest python I’ve ever seen .”. “It was hard to comprehend the magnitude,” she added.

According to Peoplethe python was put down with a bolt gun – an approved euthanasia device – by Mr Siewe and then transported to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida where its measurements were taken.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Mr. Elfenbein’s post has accumulated hundreds of likes and comments. “What a beautiful snake,” wrote one user. “Thank God none of you were hurt or bitten during your attempts to capture her!” said another. “What a beast!!!!” commented a third user. “Holy moly that’s a big one,” added another.

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