Man’s reaction after commuter calls him ‘uncle’ in Mumbai Local

Watch: Man's reaction after commuter calls him 'uncle' in Mumbai Local

The now viral video has gathered many reactions from social media users.

Have you ever had a younger person call you ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’? Most of us would ask them not to call us by that term and instead use ‘Didi’ or ‘Bhaiya’. In a similar incident that took place on a Mumbai local train, a man was addressed as ‘uncle’ by a fellow passenger who wanted to get off the train at the next station. His hilarious reaction to this has now gone viral on the internet.

In the now viral video, a man is seen sitting near the door of a local train in Mumbai. Another man, not seen in the video, asks him to move and let other passengers get down at the next station. The passenger says in the video,”Chalo uncle Borivali aagaya khade hoke baith jana wapas (Okay uncle, next station is Borivali, you have to get up and sit). “But he received no answer from the man. Then he repeated his statement and said”Hello uncle, khade hoke baith jao wapas (Stand up a little and then sit back down).” To this the man replies in a witty manner, saying, “Kisko bula raha hai wahi nahi samajh aaraha (Can’t understand who you are addressing).” The passenger added, “Uncle baitha kaun hai (Who is the uncle sitting here?)” In a funny and whimsical way, with a straight face, the man says: “Uncle kaun hai? (Who is the uncle here?)”

The video was shared by the account Mumbai Matters on X, formerly Twitter. “Never call anyone UNCLE inside a #MumbaiLocal,” reads the caption of the video. Since it was shared, the clip has amassed 69,000 views and over 500 likes.

“Perfect jawab ‘uncle kon hai,'” said one user.

“You can’t call anyone uncle/aunty, and anywhere; it’s an insult! Some people should seriously be taught ‘general’ etiquette!” remarked one user.

A third person added: “His response was spot on. Without being rude he made it clear. Plus I still feel we should address each other not by uncle/aunty just because they have gray hair or no hair. They can be young at heart.”

“Excellent,” said one user.

“Funny,” one person added.

Another commented: “Mumbai spirit.”

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