Man traces his lost AirPods to South Goa, asks internet to help find them

Man traces his lost AirPods to South Goa, asks internet to help find them

He told that he lost it in a bus traveling in a national park in Kerala

When traveling, it is extremely common to forget or misplace things. However, with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to locate valuables like electronic gadgets. Recently, a man lost his brand new AirPods in Kerala and traced it to a location in South Goa. He said he lost it on a bus traveling in a national park in Kerala, after which it was stolen in less than two minutes.

The user, who goes by the name @niquotein, shared the story on X and asked for the internet’s help in finding his lost AirPods. He informed that the person who stole his device has been staying in South Goa for two days. He also shared a screenshot of the exact address and asked people to collect Airpods if they happened to be in that area.

”I recently lost my new Airpods in Kerala and this clever person is traveling with it. the person is in south goa right now for 2 days so i guess they live there. Does anyone live around here Dr. Alvaro de Loyola Furtado Road, Salcete, South Goa? rt for reach etc.” the X user wrote.

In the comment section, he joked: ”If Twitter helps me find my airpods, what a story it will be to tell the kids around.”

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He further mentioned that the person who stole his Airpods had opened and closed them several times. ”I’ve activated lost mode on it so my number pops up on the phone as soon as you try to connect,” he noted.

Well, the internet obliged his request and many tracked down the house where the device was located. Others promised to bring him his AirPods if they were in Goa.

One user wrote: ”I am in Goa next week if the person cooperates I can collect.”Another commented: ”I am in North Goa for next 4 days. If they are somewhere nearby, DM. I’ll take some pepper spray and Delhi ka attitude and get them.”

A third said, ”I am from Goa and live nearby and speak Konkani. Please DM me the exact location and I will see what I can do. Dress up as Santa, go into the house and ask for AirPods.”

Meanwhile, other users were simply too amused and invested in the story, asking him to update the post if he managed to find the lost device. A fourth user wrote: ”I’ll follow this story to the end lmao.”A fifth added: ”It’s going to be a blockbuster script. Best wishes for a reunion.”

A sixth said: ”These updates are gold! I’m excited! I hope you find and get them back!” Yet another wrote: ”Anxiously waiting to see how this story unfolds.”

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