Lucky US Man Wins $416,322 Lottery Jackpot After Rejecting Email As Scam

Lucky US Man Wins $416,322 Lottery Jackpot After Rejecting Email As Scam

The man thought he was cheated out of a surprise six-figure lottery win.

In a surprising turn of events, a Michigan man found himself the lucky winner of an over $400,000 lottery jackpot, despite not even knowing he had entered the drawing. The unsuspecting individual, who has chosen to remain anonymous, had unknowingly accumulated participation in the state’s second-chance lottery through his online gambling activities.

When he received the email notification of his win, he initially dismissed it as a scam as he found it hard to believe that he could have won such a significant amount without even realizing he was participating. But after confirming the authenticity of the message, he was overcome with disbelief and excitement.

According to Michigan lotterythe 67-year-old player, who chose to remain anonymous, won $416,322 after being selected in a random drawing that took place on October 11. He earned entry into the giveaway by playing the eligible BIG CA$H Second Chance Jackpot games online.

“I play a lot online, but I had no idea that I was getting access to a second chance when I played certain games,” the player said. “I saw an email from the Michigan Lottery saying I had won a second chance for $416,322 and I figured it was a scam email since I didn’t enter a giveaway.

“When I called the Michigan Lottery, I realized I had earned entries without even knowing it. I still can’t believe this is real. It’s a crazy feeling to win such a big lottery prize!”

The player recently visited the lottery headquarters to claim his big prize. With his winnings, he plans to share them with his family and then save the rest.

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