Little girl’s ”expensive” Christmas wish list shares the Internet

''iPhone 15, Macbook'': Little girl's ''expensive'' Christmas wish list divides the internet

The Christmas wish list had come from Project Santa, run by the United States Postal Service.

With December 25 just around the corner, everyone is excited about Christmas. It is a joyful event marked by togetherness, gifts and socializing. Children are the most excited about the festival because of its magical and whimsical elements like Santa Claus, reindeer and the idea of ​​wishes coming true. Every year, children all over the world prepare their Christmas gift wish lists and wait for Santa to come to their house and bring them the newest toy or gadget they’ve seen.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a photo of a little girl’s ”expensive” and ”extravagant” wish list that left the internet shocked. Notably, the Christmas wish list had come from Project Santa, run by the United States Postal Service. In the letter, the girl demanded a long list of expensive electronic items, such as iPhone 15 Pro Max, Airpods Pro, Airpods Max, iPad Pro, a drawing projector, a Polaroid camera and a Macbook.

“My girlfriend was looking through these and wanted to send a gift to some kid and I assumed that these letters being posted in here are families who can’t afford to get the kids anything so they use this, so that their Christmas is not sad.” wrote the Reddit user.

“I’d say 90% of these kids expect gifts over $500 and my boyfriend can’t afford to send something like that and I’m assuming 90% of the population can’t either. I have wish that I [were] asking for help I’m asking for something reasonable, there is no way all these PS5s, iPhones/iPads and Jordans are being bought and shipped out. How do these parents not get their kids to write something sensible so they don’t get super disappointed when they don’t get $500-2000 worth of electronics?” the post continued.

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Spell it Santa USPS
byu/Phillyphan08 inmildly irritating

The post received many mixed reactions, with some people expressing shock and saying that children are too spoiled today. Others called it ”unreasonable and annoying” and commented on how kids are no longer interested in toys these days. But many also pointed out that children still believe that Santa Claus is real and gives them presents, and not their parents.

One user wrote: ”On the one hand. I am slightly angry. On the other hand. I used to circle every toy I wanted in the Christmas edition of the Sears catalog. That could easily be said of me at that age.” Another said: ”My parents told me not to be greedy when making Santa’s list.”

A third wrote: ”Yes, this is a WISH LIST from kids who believe in Santa Claus. I can’t imagine these kids going “well, the economy is rough right now, I don’t think I should drain Santa’s available financial resources.”

A fourth added: ”Depending on the age, it’s really not that bad. I really believed in Santa and listed everything I wanted. Literally. A pony, the whole winter collection for barbie, a new computer, the latest bike I saw at the mall and so on. I thought Santa would be able to make at least some of them for me, so why hold back?”

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