Know your coffee: Cappuccino, Latte and 15 different types

India, a country known for its rich tea culture, has also embraced the aromatic appeal of coffee. Kaapi, a South Indian delight, has firmly secured its place on breakfast tables across the region. But did you know that coffee culture in India owes its origins to the British colonial era in the 1890s? Those Brits sure knew how to spread the love coffee, paving the way for coffee plantations to flourish in South India. As a result, sweet, milky kaapi became a beloved part of the southern psyche. However, the rest of India took a little longer to warm up to this caffeinated wonder, and it was only recently that the cafe scene began to flourish in many parts of the country.

Your ultimate guide to different types of coffee: 15 types of coffee you need to know:

Now let’s talk about the glorious world of coffee. As you fumble around in search of your caffeine fix, you’ll come across a lovely bouquet of coffee drinks. Most of these revolve around the espresso, a magical concoction created by passing boiling water through coffee beans under pressure. The espresso boasts three distinct layers – a dark, robust body, a slightly lighter middle layer and a frothy crown known as crema.
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15 different types of coffee drinks explained:

1. Americano
This is just a shot of espresso with hot water.

2. Latte
This is an espresso with steamed milk, usually with a shallow pool of foam floating on top.

3. Cafe Mocha
Latte with chocolate flavor and a cloud of whipped cream (a Cafe Borgia is a Cafe Mocha with added orange. Delicious!)

4. Cappuccino
This is an espresso with a thick layer of frothy steamed milk.

5. Frappe
A cold coffee that requires shaking to create its foam.

6. Macchiato
This is a kind of latte, but milkier, more frothy and served as a “layered” coffee, rather than a fully blended one.

Coffee from around the world

With pleasure chap (South Indian filter coffee), most countries have their own ways of preparing coffee:

7. Vietnamese coffee
Served with condensed milk, it is perhaps one of the most well-known preparations.

8. Viennese coffee (almost a drinkable dessert)
It contains two shots of espresso, with added whipped cream, which is sprinkled with chocolate.

9. Turkish coffee
Popularly known as ‘qahwah’, it is prepared from finely ground coffee beans using a small container known as fincan.

10. Ethiopian coffee
It is prepared with hot water (the Ethiopian coffee ceremony is extremely ornate and ceremonial).

11. Kopi Luwak
Believe it or not, this is coffee made from beans that have passed through a civet’s feces. But it is known to be very aromatic and flavorful.

12. Indonesian Kopi Tubruk
It is made by boiling coarsely ground coffee with sugar.

13. Galao from Portugal
It is made from espresso and skimmed milk.

Vietnamese coffee

Explore the world of coffee: From single estates to delicious blends

Coffee isn’t just about your regular cup of joe. There is a whole world to discover, from wonders to single properties to lovely blends. Let’s take a journey through the aromatic coffee landscape and explore the unique flavors and experiences it has to offer.

14. Single-Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffees, like fingerprints, exhibit different flavors shaped by factors such as altitude, soil and processing methods. A standout is the Luna Roast from Kodagu’s Ashakiran Estate, known for its fruity and dark chocolate notes thanks to Black Baza Coffee Co’s eco-friendly farming practices. Another gem is The Indian Bean’s Kaldeva coffee, which offers a balanced blend of sweetness and bitterness with hints of cocoa and fruitiness.

15. Coffee mixes

Blends are like coffee symphonies, where different beans create a harmonious masterpiece. While most ground beans are blends, today coffee enthusiasts are experimenting with custom blends. Whether you prefer chocolate notes or fruity delights, there’s a mix for you.

For espresso lovers, Blue Tokai Winter Blend is worth a try. It offers a rich body, a hint of cherry acidity and a sweet malty finish perfect for chilly days.

While many companies are contributing to the rise of Indian grown coffee, Kaffa Cerrado stands out and offers premium foreign coffee at slightly higher prices. Their Ethiopia-washed Sidamo blend, priced at Rs 425 for 125g, is a real treat. Expect notes of jasmine, lavender, wild cherry and papaya, all in one extraordinary cup, considered among the world’s best.

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