Kiara Advani spent her Sunday ‘perfecting her pancakes’

Pancakes is a simple but versatile treat. There are many ways to enhance their deliciousness – you can add different ingredients to the dough and/or choose several types of toppings. But even if you just go for the regular version with a bit of honey or maple syrup, it won’t disappoint. What has got us talking about pancakes all of a sudden? it is Kiara Advani latest Instagram story. Kiara’s Sunday treat included lip-smacking pancakes, which have left us craving some ourselves. Wonder what kind of pancakes she prefers? Find out below:
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The photo showed decadent looking chocolate pancakes drizzled with a special sauce. They were topped with delicious raspberries which added a refreshing pop of color and flavor to the dish. Some seeds were sprinkled on top of the pancakes, giving them a subtle but lovely crunch. The pancakes were served on a beautiful plate shaped like a flower. This only made the treat seem more appealing! In the background we saw a bowl of raspberries and what appeared to be bottles of maple syrup and honey. The caption on the photo read: “Perfecting my pancakes.” It was followed by a chef emoji, which has us thinking Kiara whipped up this dessert herself. Take a look at the screenshot here:

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Has Kiara’s Sunday indulgence made you hungry for pancakes? Well, we have a special recipe for you to try: Oat Pancakes. Whether you’re dieting or not, you’re sure to enjoy this unique treat. Read the detailed recipe here.

Now, Kiara wasn’t the only one who devoured a delicious dessert this weekend. Shilpa Shetty cozied up to a number of them as she stepped out with her kids on Sunday. She teased her followers with glimpses of her Sunday binge via an Instagram feed. Any guesses on what she enjoyed? Her table was adorned with a giant fortune cookie, cakes, ice cream and more. Makes your mouth water? Watch the full video here.

It seems that the weekend would be wasted without enjoying a delicious dessert. Do not you agree?

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