“JAY-Z and Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own” primetime special featuring never-before-seen interview highlights

Never-before-seen highlights from a rare, extensive interview with hip-hop star, business mogul and activist JAY-Z will be featured in a prime-time special, “JAY-Z and Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own,” airing Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

The hour-long special will air on the CBS Television Network and stream further Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers.)

“CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King anchors the broadcast, which features portions of her recent three-hour interview with JAY-Z at the Brooklyn Public Library, where a new exhibition explores his life and legacy.

In the interview, JAY-Z – born Shawn Corey Carter – talks to King about growing up in the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, how some difficult experiences shaped his early life and how music became his way out.

“The fact that people go there and like take pictures in front of this is just amazing to me, because this, you know, the Marcy houses that I grew up with, it wasn’t a tourist attraction,” he says, recalling , that he saw someone shot when he was only 9 years old.

He also opens up about his business career, how he makes music, and the stories behind some of his famous lyrics. The special footage from a 2002 “60 Minutes II” interview, where viewers will see a younger JAY-Z on the verge of becoming the globally influential figure he is today.

“He’s more than a musician, he’s a mogul,” King says. “He’s more than a rapper, he’s a visionary.”

JAY-Z has won 24 Grammy Awards and a Peabody Award, and his work inspires millions of fans. In addition to his influence on music, style and business trends, he has millions of dollars in investments and is a strong advocate for criminal justice reform.

He tells how his focus has shifted from making music to helping others improve their future.

“I think the most important thing is that today is, to be a beacon and help … my culture. Colored people. I think I get the most satisfaction out of it. Like making music used to be my first love. I could sit there for hours. It consumed me. Just finding words and figuring out words and how to say this and different ways to say that and different pockets and melodies and how to write this song,” says JAY-Z. “It consumed me.”

“And I think now, you know, the idea of ​​taking that platform and, you know, reproducing it for others or doing something like Reform … I think I get the most out of that.”

“JAY-Z and Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own” is produced by “CBS Mornings” and See It Now Studios for CBS News. Gayle King and Shawna Thomas are the executive producers.

JAY-Z and Gayle King

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