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British star James Corden has told how he felt “forced” to return to the UK after eight years hosting his hit US chat show – but says it was “very difficult” to walk away.

In his first interview since returning home, the actor and presenter also spoke about the phone call he received from Tom Cruise to calm his nerves ahead of a Top Gun stunt and gave his thoughts on whether Gavin & Stacey should return to TV screens after a “perfect” cliffhanger.

Speaking at a Royal Television Society event, Corden looked back at how he went from being a relatively unknown British star in the US to a world-famous presenter who has now interviewed everyone from Paul McCartney and Justin Bieber to Michelle Obama and Prince Harry.

He said he would always be “immensely proud” to present The Late Late Show.

Corden said, “What a thing to have done. It’s a source of overwhelming emotion and just thinking, I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such memories, to deserve such things, and it’s really hard to walk away from, it is a very difficult thing to leave, but I felt compelled to come home.”

In the weeks since he’s been back, Corden said people have questioned why he would choose to be here instead of LA.

“Sometimes you want to shake people and go, I wish you could see it from a distance,” he said.

He added: “I wish you could see this island from a distance. It’s incredible. It’s amazing, the architecture and the people and the creativity and the things that we’re doing, the size of the country versus its production is extraordinary.

“And I just felt compelled to come home and, you know, just try to see if maybe there’s one more thing I can do, knowing for certain that there might not be.”

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Corden told the audience that despite being “intimidated” when he started on The Late Late Show, his goal was always to create a series that embraced the Internet — something he did with segments like Carpool Karaoke and Play Your Guts, which often went viral. .

Over the years the show has featured the likes of Kim Kardashian, Adele, One Direction, Stevie Wonder and Sir Elton John.

Asked by session host Boyd Hilton, the entertainment director of Heat magazine, about his time flying with Cruise, who is famous for doing his own stunts, ahead of the release of the Top Gun sequel, Corden said: “A few days before I had a real… I just ended up going like, look, he’s an actor, he’s not a pilot.

“Respectfully. It’s just the two of us in an airplane, if something happens… we die. And worse than that, worse than my own death, my children grow up and people go, you know who they are? Their father killed Tom Cruise.

“And then Tom calls and goes, you know,” James. Your life is more valuable than mine.

“He actually made some salient points. What he said to me was, ‘I would never be doing this if I didn’t fly every day. I fly every single day. . . . You don’t have to worry, you have to trust on me. And I wouldn’t do this in the cold.’

“And then you’re like, I think we should do it.”

Finally, Corden also got the question everyone wants answered: will we ever see more of Gavin & Stacey?

Nessa proposes to Smithy about Gavin and Stacey
Nessa proposed to Smithy in the 2019 Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey

The 2019 Christmas special left viewers on a cliffhanger when Nessa, played by Ruth Jones, proposed to Corden’s Smithy – just before the credits rolled.

“I really don’t know if we’ll ever do another one,” Corden said. “I think Ruth and I would love to do something together again… I really don’t know about Gavin & Stacey. I think we feel so proud of the last special…

“I think in a way, the characters, they live on, they go on, they’re still out there somewhere, living and breathing.

“Their lives go on and we just pull together and open this portal and figure it out.

“Some people say to me, ‘I want to know what’s going on.’ And I go, I do!

“I don’t know… Maybe there’s something really perfect about it ending there.

“Can we really meet people’s aspirations for it? I know that’s such an annoying answer, I realize that, but I don’t know.”

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