Jada Pinkett Smith Suggests Will Smith’s Oscars Clap Brought Them Closer: ‘I Will Always Be By His Side’

Sure Pinkett Smith has been on a healing journey. In her new memoir, “Worthy,” the actress aims to dismantle the idealized perceptions of relationships and celebrity life by opening up about her own marriage to Will Smith.

While their marriage has always been in the spotlight, it gained extra attention last year when Smith hit comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars over a joke about her. The couple, unbeknownst to the world, were separated at the time.

Pinkett Smith said that while the slap and what led up to it is “Will’s story to tell,” she suggested the incident helped bring them closer.

“I may not have walked in there as his wife,” she said of the 2022 Oscars, “but I walked that night as his wife. And as I sit here today, I will always be by his side,” she shared “CBS Morning.”

Often hailed as a power couple, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith split in 2016 — a separation that “worked,” she said. Their separation only became public knowledge last month when Pinkett Smith spoke to People magazine about it.

“I needed time for emotional maturity,” Pinkett Smith told “CBS Mornings.” “First of all, I was in a deep healing process, and I think I needed to really dissolve some false ideas about what marriage is, false ideas about what I thought Will was supposed to be for me, versus what I had to learn to be. for myself to have a loving relationship.”

“I really had to do some deep healing,” Pinkett Smith said.

On a July 2020 episode of her podcast, “Red Talk Table,” Pinkett Smith and Will Smith confirmed that she was in a relationship with R&B singer August Alsina. At the time, she said, she and Will Smith were not dating — although that information was not yet publicly known.

Pinket Smith said that Will decided to talk about it on the show and that she took the “hit of being an unfaithful wife, which wasn’t true” when they weren’t together, she said.

Pinkett Smith told Associated Press last month, where they are technically still married and working toward a resolution.

“We love each other… we’re figuring out right now as we’re talking what that looks like for us. But there’s no separation. There’s no, ‘we’re getting divorced,'” she told the AP. “I’m not giving up on that guy. And he’s not giving up on me… So let’s just stop and let’s get to this deep healing and find out.”

Pinkett Smith also opens up in her new book about her teenage years, which were marked by drug dealing and a desire to find self-esteem in a turbulent environment.

For more than two decades, Pinkett Smith maintained a facade of well-being while privately battling depression and hopelessness, which she says eventually turned into a “raging shingles.”

Despite what many perceived as a perfect life, Pinkett Smith said unresolved issues clouded her ability to see the positive.

“I probably had the perfect life. I just couldn’t see it because there was so much hurt and imperfection in me,” she told “CBS Mornings.” “I had to go through a long healing process to get to a place of joy and happiness.”

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