Influencer’s heartfelt gesture to boy selling pen outside mall goes viral

Watch: Influencer's heartfelt gesture to boy selling pen outside mall goes viral

The viral video has amassed 7.7 million views on Instagram

Digital content creator Pranesh VK saw a boy selling pens outside Orion Mall in Bengaluru, prompting him to bring the boy inside to meet his needs. Pranesh’s compassionate act towards the boy is winning hearts on the internet.

Pranesh shared a video on his Instagram account, @wanderer_tn96, describing the boy’s background and circumstances. In addition to this, he even bought clothes and food for the boy, whose heartfelt response brought joy to many.

Left to fend for himself after his father’s untimely death, the boy earns an income of Rs 100-150 a day by selling pens, despite putting in considerable effort.

When the influencer asked the boy if he wanted anything, the boy expressed a desire for new clothes and some food. When they entered the mall, the boy said it was his first time at the mall.

The video caption reads: “The first time he walks into the mall and the joy on his face was priceless.”

Watch the video here:

Since it was posted, the video has garnered 7.7 million views on Instagram, with a number of comments.

One user wrote: “Ppl say why take videos.. Keep it quiet.. But bro this video makes other people’s day.. So many negative things happen.. Just by looking at these positive things many people get satisfaction before for n try to help many when they can.. You did great things bro.”

Another user commented, “I know him the other day I met him in Rameswaram Cafe. I talked to him, also asked him about his family status and offered him some food. Such a nice boy he really deserves it. And you did a good job though.”

“We need more people like you,” the third user wrote.

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