India vs New Zealand Live Score Over 1st Semi Final ODI 31 35 Updates

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34.6 overs (0 runs) Overpitched and on, Glenn Phillips drives it firmly but straight to short covers. Only three runs off the over. The required rate is creeping up now!

34.5 overs (1 run) Goes fuller and on middle Daryl Mitchell drives it towards long on for another run.

34.4 overs (0 runs) Almost another for Shami! This is the off-cutter, on a hard length and on middle turning in, Daryl Mitchell goes through his shot over the line early and misses as the ball goes just over the stumps.

34.3 overs (1 run) On a length and around leg, Glenn Phillips clips it through square leg for a run.

34.2 overs (1 run) Back of a length and on middle, Daryl Mitchell lofts it towards deep square leg for a single.

34.1 overs (0 runs) Full one and on middle, angles in, Daryl Mitchell stays there and blocks it to the bowler’s left.

A little stoppage in play as Daryl Mitchell looks to be struggling with his fitness here. The physiotherapist is out doing some work on the hamstring. Mitchell holds the key to New Zealand and they will do their best to keep him going. Mitchell is back on his feet and the game can now continue.

33.6 overs (0 runs) Fires this one full and on middle, Glenn Phillips flicks it back to the bowler.

33.5 overs (0 runs) Another quicker delivery, short and on middle, angled in, Glenn Phillips manages to keep it out to the off side.

33.4 overs (0 runs) Pushed through quicker, short and on leg, Glenn Phillips holds back and hits it down the track.

33.3 overs (0 runs) Flatter, short and on leg, Glenn Phillips looks to flick but misses as the ball goes off his pads towards the leg slip region.

33.2 overs (0 runs) Short again and on, Glenn Phillips hits it straight to short covers.

33.1 overs (1 run) Floating, short and round off, turns away, Daryl Mitchell stays there and pushes it through covers for a single.

32.6 overs (0 runs) Glenn Phillips, pitched up and around, steers it towards the edge.

32.5 overs (0 runs) On a length and around off, Glenn Phillips looks to guide it away but chops it down behind the stumps.

Glenn Phillips walks in to face a red-hot Mohammed Shami.

32.4 overs (0 runs) OUT! LBW! Mohammed Shami has four now! The game has changed completely in the space of three balls here. Tom Latham’s miserable tournament continues as he goes back for a duck. Shami lands this one on good length, on middle, angles in and slips through as well, Tom Latham looks to flick it away but closes his face far too early and plays all over to be hit on the pads just in front of the stumps . A huge appeal for LBW and up goes the finger. New Zealand four down now!

32.3 overs (0 runs) Fuller again and on, Tom Latham strides forward and pushes it towards short covers.

Tom Latham goes out to strike in a precarious situation.

32.2 overs (0 runs) OUT! TAKEN! Who else? It’s that man Mohammed Shami again who gets the breakthrough for India, his 50th ODI World Cup wicket. He redeems himself for the lost catch and sends the Kiwi skipper back to the cabin. This one is fuller in length and on the pads. Kane Williamson tries to pick it up from there and whip it away but fails to get the timing right as the ball goes high in the air towards deep square leg where Suryakumar Yadav gets under it and puffs it safely. Williamson turns away disappointed as New Zealand lose their third wicket. The audience has come alive again here!

32.1 overs (1 run) HUNDRED TO MITCHELL! He gets his second century against India in this World Cup and this has been a brilliant knock from him, but he knows the job is not done here. This is on a good length and on middle Daryl Mitchell works it through square leg for a single. IND vs NZ: 1st semi-final: It's a 100!  Daryl Mitchell hits a ton 100 (85b, 8x4, 5x6).  NZ 220/2 (32.1 Ovs).  Measurements: 398;  RRR: 9.98

31.6 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Kane Williamson spoils for India! Ravindra Jadeja pulls his length back this time, on middle, Kane Williamson moves back quickly and pulls it away towards the wide long-on fence for a boundary.

31.5 overs (1 run) Faster, full and on, Daryl Mitchell backs away and steers it through cover point for one.

31.4 overs (0 runs) Oh.. some turn there! This is floaty, short and around, grabs and turns well away, Daryl Mitchell is nowhere near playing it.

31.3 overs (0 runs) Slightly short again, on middle, Daryl Mitchell stays back and hits it back to the bowler.

31.2 overs (0 runs) Flatter, full and on, Daryl Mitchell blocks it towards short covers.

31.1 overs (1 run) Short and around off, Kane Williamson hits it wide of sweeper cover but only for a single.

Drinks break! Whew! What a blistering game this is turning out to be, and we’re in a completely different scenario than we were at the last refreshment break. Daryl Mitchell and Kane Williamson are countering extremely well and Mitchell in particular looks to be playing the game of his life here. Still, India have given the run rate required by the upper hand, but if they don’t get wickets, even up to two-run-a-ball can be chased down in the last 10 overs at this stadium. We have an exciting last 19 overs on our hands.

30.6 overs (1 run) On a length and round off, Kane Williamson steers it towards third man for one. 14 runs off the over!

30.5 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Great shot! Jasprit Bumrah continues with his full length and around middle, Kane Williamson stays there and just opens the face of the bat at the last moment to drive it past mid off for a boundary.

30.4 overs (1 run) A low full toss, on middle, angles in, Daryl Mitchell pokes it through mid-wicket for another run.

30.3 overs (1 run) Overpitched and on middle, Kane Williamson drives it long off mid on and runs across for a run.

30.2 overs (1 run) Full again and on middle Daryl Mitchell drills it towards long on for a single. He moves to 97 now!

30.1 overs (6 runs) SIX! What a shot! Jasprit Bumrah serves this one full and on middle, takes off, Daryl Mitchell waits for it this time and casually sends it over the long off fence for a biggie.

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