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Just then, Bangladesh have put a struggling albeit below-par total on the board, but their bowlers will need to be at their absolute best if they are to defend this and upset the hosts. India have a long batting order and with most of the batsmen in form, they will look to shoot this down and maintain their unbeaten record in the tournament. But if Hardik Pandya is unable to take the field and Bangladesh get early wickets, it could turn out to be quite a contest. Join us for a bit to see how the hunt develops.

Ravindra Jadeja is down for a quick chat. He says the wicket looks very good and there was no turn. Adds that if they play normal cricket they should get over the line. About his celebration, he says it was for the pitching coach who hands out the award for best fielder after the game, and he wants to get his hands on that trophy. Mentions that it looks like a flat wicket and hopes the batters can get the job done. Also says that when there is no turn for the spinner, bowl wicket-to-wicket and keep the lines tight.

India, on the other hand, will be happy with the way they recovered from the big opening partnership. Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah bowled well with the new ball but without any rewards. They suffered a setback when Hardik Pandya got injured just after bowling three balls and Virat Kohli ended the over which got the crowd going. It was again Kuldeep Yadav’s magic that gave them the crucial breakthrough which was followed up well by Ravindra Jadeja who also picked up two important wickets. A brilliant catch from KL Rahul behind the stumps got Siraj his first wicket which put more pressure on the batsmen and the hosts managed to squeeze in some cheap overs. Then Jadeja produced another stunner to hand Bumrah his first wicket. They continued the pressure with both pacers getting one more wicket each in the dying overs while Shardul Thakur, who had another day off, also got one in the end.

Bangladesh had a bit of a hard time initially against the Indian pacers but their openers did not throw their wickets away and once their eyes were fixed, the counter attack started. They targeted Hardik Pandya and Shardul Thakur and put up some beautiful boundaries. Litton Das and Tanzid Hasan created some history as they added 93 runs together, which is also the highest opening partnership for Bangladesh in ODI World Cups. Tanzid finally showed why he was backed and made a fine fifty but got out just after reaching it. Das lost a couple of partners and then decided to switch gears, it worked for him as he brought up his second half-century of the tournament but got out on 66 and went for a big one. Mushfiqur Rahim and Towhid Hridoy steadied the ship for them after that, but the latter struggled throughout and buckled under pressure as he made 16 off 35 balls, costing him many deliveries. Rahim departed after a well-made 38 but the experience of Mahmudullah came in handy as he provided the finishing touches with a decent knock of 46 off just 36 balls and a couple of breezy strokes from Nasum Ahmed and hitting six of the last balls from Shoriful helped. they arrive at a competitive total.

Another good bowling performance from India! They would have hoped to finish even better but will be satisfied with the overall effort. Bangladesh will be kicking themselves for not taking full advantage of the start given by their openers and have to settle for 256 runs.

49.6 overs (6 runs) SIX! Oh, that’s one way to end the inning! Jasprit Bumrah punches this one in a bit and pushes it outside off and tries to keep the ball away from the batting arc. Shoriful Islam backs away and just frees his arms, hits the ball up and over the cover fence for a biggie. Shoriful brings out a cheeky smile and Bangladesh finish with 256/8!

49.5 overs (0 runs) Leaning back and angled into the body, Shoriful Islam is cramped for space, but manages to block it.

49.4 overs (1 run) We’ve gone from cricket to tennis now! Mustafizur Rahman early to back away and Jasprit Bumrah angles a bumper in just off the helmet. Fizz brings the forehand smash forward and gets it through extra cover for a single. The 250 are ready for Bangladesh!

49.3 overs (1 run) Full and outside off, in the block hole again. Shoriful Islam pulls back and pushes it out to mid on for one.

Shoriful Islam comes out to the middle now.

49.2 overs (0 runs) OUT! Lumber! Jasprit Bumrah with a trademark yorker and he gets the job done. Goes full and straight, with over 140 clicks and gets it right at the base of middle stump. The ball swings a bit in the air as Mahmudullah desperately tries to keep it out, but the ball hits the toe and smashes into the stumps. End of a strike by Mahmudullah and Bumrah gets his second wicket.

49.1 overs (0 runs) Very full, in the block hole all around and shining in. Mahmudullah looks to squeeze it out but gets an inside edge on the pads. Interestingly, Rohit Sharma has gone after reporting an LBW, but the replays clearly show that there was a big inside edge. One took more in the hope more than anything else.

Jasprit Bumrah (9-1-33-1) to bowl the last over. Can he keep Bangladesh below 260? Let’s find out.

48.6 overs (0 runs) Full and on the stumps, Mustafizur Rahman knocks it down for long on but stays where he is and Mahmudullah will go on to strike in the final over.

48.5 overs (0 runs) Hard length on leg stump, scrambles the batter for space. Mustafizur Rahman tries to back away but only manages to force it out to short extra cover.

48.4 overs (1 run) Very full and wide, better done by Siraj and Mahmudullah only manages to push it away from third man for a single.

48.4 overs (1 run) Wide! Full and wide outside off, splashed across the tram line and Mahmudullah leaves it alone.

48.3 overs (6 runs) SIX! What a strike! Mohammed Siraj misses his mark and serves it in the slot and around middle. Mahmudullah keeps his shape well and hoiks it over the long-on fence for a biggie.

48.2 overs (0 runs) Looking up at the leg side again. Full and outside off, Mahmudullah goes over to punch it away but backstops it to the bowler who makes a half stop.

48.1 overs (2 runs) Hard length outside off, Mahmudullah is early to go a long way across the off stump and lofts it high towards wide long off. The ball falls safely and Mahmudullah comes back on strike with a hoop.

47.6 overs (0 runs) Ends with a bumper as this is thrown over the stumps and angled in. Mustafizur Rahman ducks under it.

47.5 overs (0 runs) Nails the yorker again with 144.5 clicks and straight on the leg pin. Mustafizur Rahman manages to keep it out towards mid on but it’s top-tier bowling from Bumrah.

47.4 overs (0 runs) Comes from around the wicket and attacks the pads at 145 clicks with a length ball, angles in. Mustafizur Rahman does well to stay back and gets some bat on it.

47.3 overs (1 run) Gets the yorker in this time at 141.9 clicks and tails in from outside off. Mahmudullah digs it out to extra cover for a single.

47.2 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Excellent location! On a good length but well outside off, Mahmudullah sits back and lets the ball come on before opening up the bat and guiding it in between backward point and short third for a boundary. Crucial knock so far from Mahmudullah here.

47.1 overs (0 runs) Slower, full and outside, just inside the tram line. Mahmudullah looks to drive but is beaten.

46.6 overs (0 runs) Short ball over the stumps again and get some breath from the cover. Mustafizur Rahman stays inside the line and sees it sail through to the keeper.

Mustafizur Rahman walks out to bat now.

46.5 overs (0 runs) OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Mohammed Siraj holds on to his strength and gets his man in the end. Tapped short over middle and leg, with some pace behind that too. Nasum Ahmed gets deep and gives space, tries to go for the pull but only manages a thin edge through to the keeper and KL Rahul swallows the chance with ease.

46.4 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Finds the gap well! Picks up the pace this time and bowls it on a short length outside off, Nasum Ahmed backs up and thumps it in between mid off and the cover region for another boundary in the over.

46.3 overs (0 runs) Knocked shorter this time, over middle and leg and with almost 140 clicks. Nasum Ahmed once again looks back and grabs but misses.

46.2 overs (0 runs) Hard length over leg stump, Nasum Ahmed backs away and looks to heave it over mid-wicket but only connects with thin air.

A little stop! It looks like Mohammed Siraj has injured his finger while trying to stop the ball. The physio is in to check him now. He looks good to continue..

46.1 overs (4 runs) FOUR! It’s a cracking shot! Overpitched on the stumps, Nasum Ahmed drills it back with venom and a bit opishly too. Mohammed Siraj tries to get two hands on it but the ball flicks the fingers of his left hand and runs away down the ground for a boundary.

Mohammed Siraj (8-0-42-1) replaces Jasprit Bumrah.

45.6 overs (1 run) Bowls the off-cutter now, on a good length and well outside off. Nasum Ahmed reaches out and manages to knock it in front of extra cover for a single.

45.5 overs (1 run) Pitched up outside off, punched off the front foot and through covers for a single.

45.4 overs (6 runs) SIX! BANG! Mahmudullah lays into Shardul Thakur here. Mahmudullah, beaten into the pitch and over off stump, gets on top of the bounce and pulls it flat, just over the midwicket fence and fetches a maximum. 13 discount already!

45.3 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Poor delivery from Shardul Thakur as he bowls a half volley down leg, Mahmudullah whips it away to the right of deep backward square leg for a boundary.

45.2 overs (2 runs) Nicely played by Mahmudullah. Good length over middle, Mahmudullah bounces back and tucks it away with soft hands towards the vacant mid off region and picks up a couple of runs.

45.1 overs (1 run) Swing away for one! Knocked short over leg stump, Nasum Ahmed backs away and crisply pulls it down to deep mid-wicket for a single.

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