Huge footage of giant cobra invading golf course goes viral

Huge footage of giant cobra invading golf course goes viral

The Cape cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in Africa.

A sudden encounter with a cobra emerging from the bushes is undeniably terrifying. One such terrifying incident took place on a South African golf course, caught on camera and shared on social media. The video depicts the snake’s unexpected entry, causing chaos among those present. The cobra appeared quickly, surprising onlookers and turning a routine day on the golf course into a nerve-wracking experience.

Businesswoman and golfer Elitha Peachey shared the video on her Instagram account with a caption that read: “Cape Cobra, on our ladies tee box! I’m definitely going to hit straight from now on.”

Watch the video here:

The cobra then ominously proceeds to knock down one of the lane signs and relentlessly slashes it with its venomous fangs in a terrifying fashion.

Needless to say, the video has received a lot of reactions from social media users.

“That’s what you get for building a golf course! In the jungle, does the animal lover think building a golf course in the animal habitat is appropriate? Let’s keep building greens in the desert too,” one user commented.

“I’m not going to mention that there’s also a mongoose in the back. That snake was running for its life,” wrote one user.

“At first I thought it was a King Cobra, which didn’t make sense to me because of your placement. Then I realized it had no pattern of chevrons. It’s a huge cape,” commented a third user.

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