HSN failed to report dangerous defect in 5.4 million steamships

HSN, formerly known as the Home Shopping Network, will pay a $16 million fine for waiting years to reveal a dangerous defect in millions of clothes steamers despite receiving reports of dozens of injuries and numerous customer complaints, it announced US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Wednesday.

That St. Petersburg, Florida-based company agreed to settle charges that it failed to promptly report to the CPSC that 5.4 million Joy Mangano-branded “My Little Steamer” and “My Little Steamer Go Mini” products were defective and constituted an “unreasonable risk of serious injury,” the agency listed.

By the end of 2012 and continuing into 2019, HSN had received enough information to know the products were unsafe, according to safety regulators. At the time HSN filed an initial report, it had received about 400 complaints about steamers spewing hot water, another 700 reports of leaks, at least 91 reports of injuries, and 29 insurance claims alleging serious injuries, including burns, scarring and partial hearing loss. , the CPSC said.

In addition, the company knew from HSN online reviews of about 500 complaints of steamers spewing hot water and another 150 complaints of leaks, including 87 reports of damage, the agency noted.

IN recall that steamers in May 2021, HSN had received 227 reports of hot water splashing or leaking, with 106 related burn injuries. The recalled products were sold on the HSN television network as well as online and in stores across the country.

“HSN, a multi-billion dollar company with enormous resources, is allowing at least seven years to pass before fulfilling its obligation to tell the commission what it knows about this serious and ongoing risk,” CPSC Commissioner Mary Boyle said in a announcement.

In a statement to CBS MoneyWatch, HSN said the health and safety of its customers remains a “top priority.”

“HSN voluntarily recalled garment steamers in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and has been working with the agency throughout this matter,” the company added.

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