FDA updates Ozempic label with potential blocked intestines side effect, also reported with Wegovy and Mounjaro

Weight-loss drugs can have side effects Health officials raise concern about weight-loss drugs’ possible side effects 05:19 The label for the diabetes drug Ozempic — which has become popular for weight loss — now acknowledges reports of blocked intestines following use of the medication. The change comes after the Food and Drug Administration greenlighted a … Read more

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How to get the new COVID vaccine for free, with or without insurance

Federal health officials are urging Americans to contact their insurance companies after reports of some people encountering problems getting their new COVID-19 vaccine shot for free. These problems have occurred despite programs and requirements designed to make the images available without purchase price to all Americans. The obstacles are new for this year’s commercial rollout … Read more

Urad Dal for Diabetes: 5 Delicious Recipes to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is an irreversible condition characterized by a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Although there is no permanent cure for it, it can be managed by making certain changes in your diet. Health experts recommend avoiding highly processed foods or sugary treats. Instead, you should make a conscious effort to consume more nutritious foods. … Read more

In a new effort to reset flu shot expectations, CDC will avoid messaging that “could be seen as a scare tactic”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it has launched a new public relations campaign this year to “reset expectations” around the flu vaccine after the agency’s consumer survey found that some Americans misunderstand the benefits of the annual shot. “People are more likely to perceive messages as believable and credible if they set … Read more

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How FDA’s Top Vaccine Official Plans Its COVID Booster and Flu Shots for Fall 2023

A top-ranking Food and Drug Administration official responsible for overseeing the approvals of the new vaccines now rolling out this fall and winter three respiratory virus threatssaid this month that he personally plans to delay his vaccinations in the coming weeks. “Some people say, ‘Well, could I get the RSV, COVID and flu vaccine on … Read more

New global commitment to end TB by 2030

The document sets out ambitious new targets for the next five years, which include reaching 90 percent of people with TB prevention and care services, providing social benefit packages to those with the disease and licensing at least one new vaccine. TB is the second leading infectious killer worldwide after COVID-19with around 1.6 million deaths … Read more

Shimano is recalling 680,000 bicycle cranksets after reports of broken bones and lacerations

Shimano is recalling nearly 700,000 bonded 11-Speed ​​Hollowtech Road cranksets because the parts pose a collision risk to riders. The recalled bonded cranksets can “separate and break,” causing consumers to crash, a notice from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission shows. The crankset is the part of the bike that moves the chain as the … Read more

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